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How Can I Convert MSG to TXT Format Instantly?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Convert • 4 Min Read

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Summary: If you are seeking a reliable solution to convert MSG to TXT format. Then, you are on the right platform. We will provide you with the best available techniques to complete the task.

But before going to the solution we will first discuss the basics of MSG and TXT files

MSG File format is a single email message. It contains single messages along with its attachments. But, users cannot view Outlook MSG message information in any other email application. The reason behind this is that the Outlook message is written using Microsoft MAPI coding. There are only a few email applications that can access MSG emails to Outlook, Zimbra, etc. Therefore, most of the users want to convert Outlook MSG to Office 365 or some other file format.

TXT File is a computer file that saves text lines in an electronic format. This file is commonly used to store information without any formatting. In today’s world, they have not encountered difficulties like endianness, padding bytes, and discrepancies in the number of bytes.  

Another fantastic benefit is that it doesn’t require any metadata to assist the reader. Because of many technical features, multiple users wish to perform MSG data into PST, TXT, and other file formats. 

Advantages of TXT File Format

A TXT file is a standard document that contains only plain text. It is used to store data in a text file that does not have a specific format. Notepad++, Geany, Microsoft Notepad, EditPad Lite, Atom, Visual Studio Code, DocPad, and many other text editors can easily open the text file. Furthermore, there are numerous advantages to using a text file. The following are a few of them:

  • Various text editing applications make it simple to open and view.
  • Text editors make it very easy for users to edit the data info.
  • Users can open an easy-to-read text file, just by double-clicking.
  • This file is useful because of its tiny size and adaptability.
  • No such requirement of any specific application to read the TXT data. Thus, it can easily be on any word processor application such as MS Word, Wordpad, or Notepad.

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Manual Method to Convert MSG Files to TXT Format

If you are finding the free technique to do the conversion then, follow the below steps. For this user have an Outlook application with a properly configured account.

  • Open the Outlook application in your system. After that, select an email that you want to convert
  • Tap on File >> choose Save As an option
  • From Save type as select TXT option
  • When the file conversion is complete go to the file location to see the MSG file in the TXT format.

It seems quite simple but this approach has some limitations. That we will discuss in the next section.

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Drawbacks of the Manual Technique

  • Actually, this is the correct way to convert MSG files to TXT format. Because it is a one-by-one process.
  • There are chances of email formatting and losing data integrity.

Automated Software to Convert Outlook MSG to TXT Format 

As we have discussed that the manual solution is simple but has drawbacks too. To overcome all of those we have introduced 3Steps Software to solve your request in just a few clicks. The tool easily converts multiple MSG email, contact, calendar, task, etc. to TXT files without any restrictions. Moreover, it is a reliable solution that will give you the surety that data will be converted without losing a bit of the information.

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Final Words

In this write-up, we have explained the manual as well as the automated way to convert MSG to TXT format. Also, the limitations of the manual techniques. Thus, it is advisable to use professional software to accomplish your task in an efficient manner.

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