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Import MSG to Outlook Account Manually or Professionally

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Import • 4 Min Read

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Are you wondering about a solution to import MSG to Outlook account? Looking for a solution but couldn’t come up with anything. If you answered yes, then, here, you will find a variety of techniques to fulfill this task in the next section.

There are times when some users encounter difficulties while attempting to import MSG data into Outlook. The reason behind this is that users are not well aware of an appropriate way to get this task done. Before we continue, let’s take a look at some of the more typical reasons why a user would require to execute this importation process.

Reasons to Import MSG to Outlook Account

Importing MSG emails into Outlook has a number of advantages. Several of them are listed below.

  • Outlook enables users to manage many email accounts in a centralized location and performs a variety of activities with a single click. This simplifies the process without facing any hassle.
  • It enables users to store Outlook files on their computers. Additionally, users may view the Outlook file when offline.
  • This enables users to communicate with one another and even create their own Outlook files. It simplifies the process of importing MSG files.
  • There are several reasons why you would want to import MSG to Outlook format. Now, let’s look at how to import MSG files into Outlook.

What are the Methods to Import MSG Data into Outlook?

To accomplish this task manually, you have two options. One is by dragging and dropping method and the other is by copy and pasting.

#1 Drag and Drop Option

  • To begin, open Microsoft Outlook, and then create a new folder under the Mail section option.
  • Now, you can define the name of the newly generated folder and let the user import MSG into any present folder.
  • Following that, search the folder in which you saved all MSG files.
  • Select all files and then drag them. Now, drag and drop them into the newly formed directory (MSG file).
  • Finally, all messages will be imported into the new folder, and this is how you will be able to import MSG emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc. in Outlook.

You may import MSG to Outlook using the method described above. If you have difficulties with the above solution, go to the next one.

#2 Copy and Paste Option

  • To begin, you must locate the folder in which you saved MSG files.
  • Following that, copy all the MSG files.
  • Now, open Outlook and store all the copied MSG files in the chosen Outlook folder.

What are the Limitations of Manual Methods?

If you follow the procedures carefully, you should be able to import MSG emails into Outlook. Additionally, these solutions have significant restrictions.

  • The older MSG file format is incompatible with the current version of Outlook.
  • Importing several MSG files into Outlook is a time-consuming operation.
  • These approaches can be performed by a non-technical individual only when comprehensive assistance is given.
  • You must carefully follow each step. Otherwise, severe data loss may occur.

Overcome the Shortcomings of the Manual Method

A user can easily overcome all the limitations with the help of any professional software. One such solution is 3Steps Software. It is the highly recommended and instant solution to import MSG to Outlook account without facing hassle. Also, using this software, you can import MSG email, calendar, contact, task, etc. along with attachments.

Additionally, one of the finest features of this utility is its straightforward user interface. This product is simple to use for both technical and non-technical users. Additionally, one may simply obtain an accurate result without sacrificing any information.

Thus, if you’re seeking a way to import MSG files, this program is beneficial. It will assist you in obtaining precisely what you want.

Check out the Features of MSG to Outlook Importer

  • Import MSG emails into Outlook account in batch mode to save time and effort.
  • Ability to import MSG messages along with all the attachments easily.
  • While importing MSG data into Outlook, this software retains all the properties.
  • With this program, you can import selected MSG files as per the need.
  • Also, with this application, you can check the detailed preview of MSG files.
  • The software allows you to select the location where you need to save the output.
  • Outlook installation is not required to import MSG files / folders.

The Final Verdict

In this post, we have discussed how to import MSG to Outlook account. We strongly advise our users to complete this work using expert software in order to avoid the manual method shortcomings. Also, it provides a free trial version to know the working of the tool without investing in it.

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