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Know How to Migrate MSG to Office 365 Safely?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Migrate • 5 Min Read

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As we are moving towards the future, technology is getting better every day. What’s more interesting is that we have a lot of ways to communicate. However, when user wants to migrate their MSG to Office 365, there aren’t many solutions available. Users in this advanced tech era are struggling to change the file format of their data from .msg to .pst but they are unable to find any relevant solution.

This article consists of all the manual & automated solutions to get desired results. Moreover, the needs of users are also here in this article because of which they want to execute this operation. Are you facing the same trouble & having the same query in your mind? Find out the solution by reading this complete article.  

What’s the Need to Learn How to Open .msg File in Office 365?

Before we start, we should know the reasons for which users want to undergo this operation. Keep in mind that these reasons may differ from user to user.

  • Users can free their storage space on their on-premise infrastructure if they can transfer those files to the cloud environment.
  • Users can import their entire on-premise data to Office 356 cloud infrastructure if they successfully execute this operation.
  • When users shift from one email client to Office 365, they want to access their emails in Outlook. This is one of the reasons they want to convert their .msg files to desired file formats.
  • Apart from these, there is N number of reasons that make users execute this conversion task.

Manual Method for migrating MSG to Office 365

There is no direct solution available for this operation but we have a makeshift way to do so. This manual solution is quite complex & there is no guarantee that this method works. Users who are searching for an open-source solution can rely on this manual way only if their files aren’t sensitive.

If you want to convert bulk files, we are not recommending this method.

  • Step-1. Open MS Outlook and Configure your Office 356 Email Id in it.
    [Tip:- Wait for a while till the system syncs all of your O365 data in it.]
  • Step-2. Create a folder in which you want to keep the .msg files with updated file format [PST].  
  • Step-3. Drag & Drop your .msg Files to that folder created in outlook.

After this step, all your .msg files can be seen in Office 365. If you’re a beginner and want to learn how to open .msg file in Office 365, don’t opt for this method. As this method is very technical & there are chances of errors that can severy harm your files. It is recommended that you should opt for the modern approach for seamless execution of this operation.

Import .msg into Outlook Using the Automated Method

The automated method for this operation is quite easy & hassle-free. If you want to convert your data-sensitive files to Office 365, use the automated solution without a doubt. This method involves the advanced dedicated tool. This tool is developed by experienced software developers with the sole aim of solving user queries.

3Step Software is offering this utility that has already solved the misery of millions of consumers worldwide. If you want to execute this operation using the automated solution, use this automated solution & quickly get your desired results. Several Microsoft MVPs also recommend this approach to migrate MSG to Office 365 without compromising data security.

Benefits of Using the Modern Approach

There are several benefits of using the modern approach that we are going to discuss now. 

  • It can also convert attachments along with the messages in the Outlook application.
  • This utility can convert msg files to various file formats including: PDF, MBOX, HTML, EML, PST, Office 365, vCard & TXT & CSV.
  • This utility can easily convert several mailbox items like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals to your desired formats.
  • This tool has a date range filter for selective conversion that can easily avoid unwanted files from flooding users’ mailboxes.
  • It is compatible with all the versions of the Mac & Windows Operating systems & runs smoothly with them.

If you want to learn how to open .msg file in Office 365, we recommend the automated solution. On the basis of all these above-mentioned benefits, there is no other alternative that offers such advanced features.


Manual Method can be a choice for users who do not want to opt for a paid solution. Keeping in mind that it possesses risks that can severely damage their data, they are free to choose the open-source solution. Users who want to opt for the automated solution can trust 3Step Software for their expected results. In addition,  the automated solution is the safest way to migrate MSG to Office 365 quickly.

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