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Import MBOX to Office 365 without Any Hassle – Overview

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Import • 5 Min Read

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There was a time when businesses were not open to accepting cloud technology. However, nowadays everybody knows that Cloud Computing is the future. This is why many businesses & huge organizations already shifted to Office 365 productivity suite as their first choice. If you want to do the same & import MBOX to Office 365 then you might need a little guidance. This task requires core technicalities of data migration & Mircosoft’s Office 365 bundle which most users are not aware of.

In this article, we’re going to explore the ways by which users can easily execute this task without facing difficulties. We are going to discuss the needs of undergoing this operation, manual & automated solutions as well as their pros & cons. Carefully go through the steps mentioned below to perform your task & get the exact expected results.

Know the Needs to Import MBOX File to Office 365 – Great Insight

Before we move forward with the solutions, we must understand the needs that make users undergo this complex operation. There are several reasons that made their place in this list, however, it may vary from user to user.

Cloud infra is getting popular day by day because of its unleashed capabilities that on-premise infra lacks. Moreover, nowadays Cloud infrastructure is 360° secured. For businesses data is everything. Hence, data integrity plays a major role.

Microsoft offers various inclusions in its Office 365 bundle. Together, this comes at a reasonable cost whereas if users choose these services & applications individually, it can be really expensive. This makes users adopt Microsoft’s cloud infra & then they need to operate this operation.

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Learn the Manual Method – Phase Ⅰ

Manual solutions are available but have several limitations that we will discuss later. Let’s start with the first phase of the manual method to import MBOX to Microsoft 365.

In this phase, download Thunderbird [open source email client], configure Office 365 account in it & then add an extension [open source] for the import process.

Step-1. Configure your Office 365 account into the Thunderbird email client which is totally free.


step-1 import MBOX file to office 365

Step-2. Open the application & click on 3 lines icon on the top right corner >> Select the Add-ons option from the drop-down menu.


step-2 b

Step-3. Search for the Import/ExportTools NG (NextGen) in the search bar located at the top right corner.


[Tip- this extension works on Thunderbird 60.* – 78.* versions. So, download this version of Thunderbird only.]

Step-4. Now click on Add to Thunderbird button for adding this extension to your application.

step-4 MBOX to Microsoft 365

Step-5. Finally, click on the add button in the prompt screen to add this extension successfully.


Import MBOX to Office 365 Manually – Phase Ⅱ

Now we are at the second phase. Here, we’re going to transfer these data files to the O365 cloud by following the below-mentioned steps.

Step-1. Open Thunderbird application in your system.

  • Right-click on your profile’s email ID [Top left corner]

Hover the mouse cursor on ImportExportTools NG & then click on Import MBOX file.

Phase 2 step-1

Click on the OK button after selecting the “Import directly one or more mbox files” radio button.

Phase 2 step-2

Step-3. Select the required email files from the location as per your need & click on Open. This is the final step to import MBOX file to office 365.

 MBOX to Office 365 Phase 2 step- 3

That’s it. Your files are now successfully transferred to your Office 365 account.

Shortcomings of using the Manual Method 

Users interested in choosing this manual method must be aware of the drawbacks it carries with it. These disadvantages are mentioned below that users face oftentimes when they import MBOX to Microsoft 365.

  • Data Corruption
    There are several cases observed where users get issues like broken images or fragile PST file corruption. This leads to the loss of accessibility for vital documents that may be a crucial asset for a user.
  • Time Consuming
    The manual method is time taking. If you want to transfer bulk files. It may show several errors, hang in between the process & end up with zero results. After data, firms believe that time is their significant resource & must be managed wisely.
  • Data Security Issues
    The manual method is not totally secure. Your data can be hacked, lost, or tampered with. Due to the increasing events of data breaches, a safe & secure method is everyone’s priority nowadays.
  • Complex Procedure
    The manual method is complex & involves multiple steps that can confuse new users. Users must be aware of all the relevant technicalities of Office 365 if they want to execute this operation smoothly.

User Trusted Automated Solution

Now the question arises, what is the best & reliable solution to import MBOX file to office 365. The answer is quite simple. Users must opt for the automated solution. It consists of separate tools that are built with the aim of solving these dedicated user queries. 

This is why it can counter all the challenges of this operation along with the drawbacks of the manual method. It is safe, works pretty fast & offers 99.99% accurate results. There are very rare cases of any failure that has happened using the manual solution.

IT professionals & Microsoft’s MVPs recommend the 3Steps Software for getting your work results in a modern way. It goes beyond the boundaries & provides many useful features that manual solution lacks.


Now that we have discussed all the crucial elements of this topic, users have their solutions. The manual method works fine but only with a small amount of data. Go through the steps twice & then only begin your operation to import MBOX to Office 365 without any hassles. However, the modern approach provides better results in minimum efforts to the users.

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