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Why is My Google Takeout Not Working? Is There Any Solution?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Feb 15, 2022 • Tips • 5 Min Read

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Is your Google Takeout Not Working? There can be several reasons for that issues. However, let’s start from scratch. Google Takeout is an application with the aim of saving files locally that are currently on Google’s cloud server.  It enables users to take out the data from Google items like Zip documents, Contacts, Messages, etc. However, when users try to save their files locally on their system, they get various errors oftentimes. There are several reasons for that, as well as several solutions too.

If any user is having the same query, they can read this comprehensive guide to get their results ASAP. In this article, we’ve mentioned the manual & automated solutions, user scenarios, and the necessary reasons to save files locally. Read this comprehensive article to get the result you’re looking for.

“Google Takeout Does Not Work” – User Scenarios

There are majorly three scenarios in which users are most likely to get this issue. Let’s have a look at these circumstances one by one.

Restriction for Data Size
Users are most likely to get stuck if the data size that they want to save exceeds the limit that Google offers. This creates multiple hassles like no option for saving data files in bulk, etc.

The Issue with Organization’s Association
This issue happens if the users’ web network is halted or lost by any means possible. 

No Availability to Pause & Resume the Operation in Between
If users lost their connection to the web, they can not resume the operation from the point it was stopped. They have to initiate a new task from the beginning.

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Know the Manual Approach from Google to Get Your Desired Results

It is time to learn the manual method in such a way that you can easily avoid getting any kind of errors it usually shows. If your Google takeout not working issue is serious, start your project from the beginning by following these steps & images.

Step-1. Go to the Google Takeout webpage.

step-1 Google Takeout not working


Step-2. Log in with the respective email id whose data you want to save in your local system.



Step-3. Select the data files that you want to include. Users can select all categories just like shown in the picture & then click on next.


Note- Here, for example, only the mail category is selected to save mails only.

Step-4. Now select the frequency of export, type & format of files & the data size after which you want to split the file folders. Then click on Create Export.

Step-5. Now just wait until Google creates a copy of your data files. It may take some time depending on the file size.

Step-6. Once done, Google will show you the list of data that is ready to get downloaded. Also, it shows the validity after which you can not download this data & need to create a new export project.

Step-7. Provide a path for your files to be saved on your system.

step-7 Google Takeout does not work

This is how a clean & smooth operation to save your files from Google Takeout is executed.

What’s Most Reliable & Trusted Method to Get the Work Done

The manual method is time-consuming & has several issues. If your Google Takeout does not work usually, go for the alternatives without a doubt. This is why a majority of users are nowadays moving towards an automated solution.

The automated solution consists of a dedicated tool that is developed for executing this task without hassles. The most trusted tool that IT experts recommend is the 3Steps Software. Its clean track record shows 0.01% chances of errors & accurate results.

Why Is It Crucial to Save Our Google Files Locally

Now that we’ve solved the problem of Google Takeout not working, it’s time to understand the reason for using Takeout. Below are the reasons stated to justify the decision of saving your files on your system:

  • Security
    Backup is the best solution to avoid any mishappening with your data flies. Having an extra copy of data files can directly result in better safety measures. Users can get their crucial data files even if the original copy may get deleted accidentally, or hacked.
  • Accessibility
    An extra copy of data files can offer 24×7×365 access to your data even without the internet. Whereas to access data files stored on cloud servers, users need to have internet access. Offline files offer better accessibility.
  • Audits
    Copies of your data files can help you in legal proceedings & audit purposes. Where users can’t show the original data files, a backup is a useful option.

The Final Say

Now, we’ve discussed all the significant topics of concern. It is time for the final judgment. As we discussed the user queries in brief, where they get stuck more often, we know where to pay more attention.

We learned the best & reliable solution to get accurate results along with the free manual method. If you also have a similar query like “Google Takeout not working”, this article can take your trouble away.

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