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Batch Convert MSG to EML At Once Manually or Professionally

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Convert • 4 Min Read

Batch Convert MSG to EML

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“How to batch convert MSG to EML format” is the most often asked question on the internet these days. Consequently, in this guide, we will discuss the reliable methods to convert MSG into EML in bulk. Let us first consider some questions to better understand why users would want to perform this file conversion.

“I’ve received some MSG files, and I am recently working on the Mozilla Thunderbird.” As a result, I need to convert MSG file into EML file format to open and read their data. I attempted the manual method but was unable to complete the batch conversion. As a result, I am looking for a solution that would allow me to execute batch conversions. Please provide a solution to this problem.”


We find a large number of searches on the internet where a user has to carry out such a task. So, we will discuss the ways in detail. But before that, we will find out why users prefer EML files.

Why EML Files are Preferred Over MSG?

  • An EML file stores one email and its components, which allows users to manage EML files in a simple and straightforward manner.
  • EML files are generated by the most popular email client applications.
  • Because EML is a single email file, it takes up relatively little space on your computer’s hard drive when you store EML files for future use.
  • By double-clicking on the EML file, you may quickly open it with your usual EML-supporting email client, if one is available.

Now, the question that arises is how to perform MSG emails to EML conversion in batch mode. Subsequently, the next section of the blog comprises the best available solution to perform the importation.

How to Batch Convert MSG to EML Format?

There are several options for transferring MSG into EML file format. Because of this, we will now go over all of the possible solutions.
We recommend you to first go through the approaches and then determine which one you want to use.

Manual Steps to Convert MSG Data to EML Format

  • To proceed, select the MSG file then drag it into the Outlook application.
  • Then, from the menu bar, choose File > Save As from the drop-down menu.
  • Now, pick TXT as the file type from the Save drop-down menu that appears.
  • Locate and right-click on the TXT file to convert it to an EML file. Navigate to the location where the file was saved.
  • A warning notice appears on the screen when a user is carrying out the name change procedure. Yes, and the TXT file will be stored as an attachment to the EML file.
  • Now, right-click just on the converted EML file and select Mozilla Thunderbird as the Open with option from the context menu that appears.

Manually converting MSG to EML format is straightforward if you follow the basic methods outlined above. We advise you to please go through the shortcomings offered by the tool before opting for it.

Drawbacks of the Manual Procedure

  • There is a limited number of MSG files that one can migrate using this process.
  • A supporting application is necessary in order to finish the conversion operation.
  • There is no guarantee that the conversion will be proper and safe.
  • It is necessary to have technical knowledge and patience in order to complete the manual steps.

Batch Convert MSG to EML Format – Most Secure Solution

Professional software is the only alternative that allows for the conversion of several MSG files in a single operation. 3Steps Software is one of them. With this application, one can perform the entire conversion in batch mode. Also, it has the ability to convert MSG files into EML along with all the attached information. It further ensures that the original formatting will remain as it was earlier. Also, the software has a very simple and intuitive GUI. Furthermore, the tool allows several filters to perform the entire procedure recklessly.

The Final Words

File converting has become a pretty regular operation in today’s world. Users are looking for ways to conduct the conversion for a variety of reasons. MSG to EML conversion is an example of such a conversion. In the blog post above, we have mentioned the best available solutions to convert MSG emails to EML file format.

You can get in touch with us if you have any recommendations or need assistance.

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