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Backup Complete Gmail Account Following a Quick & Simple Guide

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Backup • 5 Min Read

Backup Gmail Email Account

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Overview: Are you guys searching for a solution to backup Gmail email account? If your answer is yes, then read this informative write-up. Here, we have mentioned the best solutions for the users. So, let’s get started.

As most of us are using Gmail as our primary email client it is offered free of cost by Google. Users can use it for sending and receiving emails with a storage space of 15 GB. It can also be accessed by users on the web or as a mobile app.

Before knowing about the solution, let’s also have a look at the reasons why users want to take a backup of their Gmail accounts.

Reasons Behind Users Backup Their Gmail Email Account?

There are several reasons why users prefer to backup Gmail emails to hard drive. Some of them are mentioned here:

1. Internet and Service Outages – Users can suffer personally from internet issues and service outages. Gmail is a cloud-based application, so if a user is unable to access the internet, then he/she won’t be able to access the Gmail account.

2. Accidental Deletion of Emails – It’s not compulsory that hackers only create issues in our accounts. There are incidents when the users accidentally delete their emails while deleting unread emails in Gmail in bulk or removing unnecessary emails from their accounts. Here comes the use of backup copy when those users backup Gmail email accounts regularly.

3. Hacks and Compromises – There is a good number of chances of your Gmail account getting hacked or compromised. A hacker can break into your account by either guessing your password or using some other loophole. Once your account is hacked, then it can cause certain damage to your sensitive emails.

4. Cloud Incidents – Google has maintained an impeccable record in securing the user’s crucial data. But no one knows when and how a user’s mailbox data can be compromised in the future. A hacker take entry into a Gmail account of the user if the user has not applied all the security features offered by Google.

Free Way to Backup Gmail Account Including all Emails (Google Takeout)

There is a free-to-use utility offered by Google i.e., Google Takeout. It helps users to create an archive of the Gmail account and backup all the Gmail account data. However, there are some limitations associated with it that make the process cumbersome. You can perform the following steps to get your job done.

  • First, users have to sign in to their Google account through this link – https://myaccount.google.com.
  • Then, click on Data & personalization option on the left panel. On the right side, you will get the option “Download your data”. Click on that option.

  • Now, to back up only Gmail emails from the account, deselect all the Google Services and keep the Mail checkbox enabled.

  • Following that, you will also get the option to customize the settings for the backup process.
  • Once you have applied all the required settings, click on Create Archive button to initiate the process.

Limitations Associated with Google Takeout

  • Uncertainty of the time in which the backup process will be completed.
  • Provides an option to backup user data in MBOX file format only.
  • Might seem difficult to a user who is not technically sound.
  • The utility does not provide the option to backup a Gmail account within a specified time frame.
  • Various users have faced the issue “Google Takeout not working” where the archive process gets stuck in between and the users have to start the process again.

Best Solution to Backup Gmail Email Account – Direct Approach

As we can see the manual approach is lengthy and time-consuming, it is best for the users if they go with a professional solution. 3Steps Software is an amazing solution that can be used easily. The most important thing is that it can be used by both professional and non – professional users. Users can easily backup a free Gmail email account in simple steps. This application provides a very simple to use graphical interface.

There are many advanced features offered by this software to make the job effortless. Even the tech experts suggest users opt for this utility to download Gmail emails to computer.

Final Words

In the above post, we got to know the steps to backup Gmail email account. Users who are facing trouble in completing this task can refer to this blog. Here we have discussed why backing up Gmail emails is important. Both manual and automated solutions have been mentioned here for users. The manual solution takes time and contains numerous technicalities. The automatic solution is easy and quick to perform. You can also use the solution to save attachments from Gmail account.

So, follow the expert solution to easily complete the following procedure in less span of time.

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