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Why are EML Files Not Opening in Outlook ? Perfect Solutions

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Tips • 4 Min Read

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If your eml files not opening in Outlook, there could be many reasons behind it. In this blog, we will talk about manually accessing eml files in Outlook. We are thinking that eml files are saved on your system and you want to import them in outlook how did you not import them but those eml files are not opening even after importing. We will tell from the starting in this blog, first, we will tell you how to import eml files and then we will tell you how to open them.

User Query;

My email client of choice is Microsoft Outlook. However, I previously used Outlook Express. Outlook Express has been removed from my machine. I have a few EML files that I made using Outlook Express. I have my essential emails in these EML files, but I am unable to access them with Outlook. Is there any way for me to access eml files in Outlook?

What are the Reasons Behind EML Files not Opening in Outlook ?

Many email clients have become outdated over time, including Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, and others. Many users have moved from these email apps to MS Outlook in the last year or two to take advantage of its many sophisticated features.

Please keep in mind that EML is a Windows-only format. Microsoft sometimes changes the default email client with each new OS update, which may be inconvenient and result in EML files not opening in Outlook.

Way to Open EML Files with Outlook

If your eml files not opening in Outlook, then for that you have to understand from the beginning where a mistake has happened. First, it has to be seen that how you had imported the files in Outlook, then why is it not opening after that. For that, we have found two ways. The first solution will be done manually, and the second solution is the automated method, with the help of which you can open your eml files in bulk in Outlook without any problem.

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Method 1: Using “Open with” Option

  • Firstly, select the EML files which you import them
  • After that, right-click on the eml files which you want to select them
  • Then click the Open with option and choose the Outlook
    choose outlook
  • Now, your files open with default emails client and click on the File tab
  • Thereafter hit the save as option to save your files in another format
    save as
  • Select the desired path and press the Save button. Now your files save in .msg format.
    destination path
  • Now, open the MS Outlook Application
  • After that, right-click on the left panel and choose the new folder option
    new folder
  • Thereafter, enter the folder name and hit the ok button
  • Now open the folder which you want to create them
  • Lastly, now drag and drop the EML files you saved and save them in Outlook
    drag and drop

Congratulation! Now your EML files will be open in Outlook. During this whole step, you can understand where your mistake was made and then rectify your mistake.

Limitation of Manual Solution

You are going towards a manual solution thinking that your work will be done quickly and your time will be saved, then you are thinking completely wrong. If you use a manual solution, then you have to save the files one by one and then drag and drop them to open them. Yes, you have small size data then you can go for the manual solution but if you have data in bulk then the manual solution is not right for you. And there is also a chance of data being encrypted in this. There are so many reasons why I wouldn’t tell you to go for a manual solution. Now let’s look at its second method as well.

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Method 2: Automated Solution for Solving this Error

To avoid this error you have to go for an automated solution as it is a reliable and reliable solution, invented by 3Steps. With the help of this software, you can open your files in Outlook without wasting time. And there is no tension of data loss because this software is fully loaded with advanced features. In this, you can open your EML files in bulk in Outlook. If your EML files not opening in Outlook then this solution is the best software to open the file.


This post will completely address your worries about EML files not opening in Outlook.
Manual procedures, on the other hand, have a number of major problems that should make people reconsider employing them. As a result, a fully automated and error-free solution for EML files not opening in Outlook is in the works.

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