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Import EML Files into Outlook 365 Account with Simplest Methods

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Import • 5 Min Read

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Overview: In this informative guide, you will learn about the step-by-step method to import EML files into Outlook 365 account.

EML is a commonly used file format for electronic messaging, commonly abbreviated as email. This is a file extension that refers to an electronic mail message stored using the Internet Message Format protocol. It is compatible with so many popular email client applications. However, as technology advances, customers increasingly choose more adaptable systems. That is why a large number of end customers desire to import EML files into Outlook 365 account.

Outlook 365 is a highly regarded web-based cloud email client. It incorporates a calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and bookmarks directly into the inbox. Now, the topic of why someone would wish to import EML to outlook 365 emerges. Below, we’ve listed a few reasons for importing from EML to Outlook 365.

Why Should You Import EML to Outlook 365?

  • We are all aware that Outlook 365 is more trustworthy and beneficial to consumers due to its development and design by Microsoft.
  • It enables consumers to manage their email services securely and for free.
  • Now, permit users to view and manipulate their data at any time. It is specifically intended for professional and self-employed users in order to assist them in expanding their contemporary businesses.
  • Outlook 365 is a secure cloud-based email service that enables users to send and receive email, as well as conveniently use Word, PowerPoint, and MS Excel online.
  • It centralized all of your attachments in one location, which eliminates the need to look for files. You may preview, share, upload to the cloud, or re-send it.
  • Share draughts allows you to get your email examined before it is sent to others.

What are the ways to import EML into Outlook 365 account?

This section will walk you through the process of importing EML files to Outlook 365. To facilitate user understanding, we have broken the technique into two phases. The manual approach for importing EML files into Outlook 365 is discussed first, followed by the professional solution for importing EML emails into Outlook 365 without losing any data.

Manual steps to complete this task

This section is divided into two sections: To begin, you first import EML to PST and then import these files into Outlook 365. Take care to follow the instructions outlined below:

Phase 1: Import Files into PST Format

  • To begin, launch Windows Live Mail on your computer.
  • Now, select File and then Export Email, where you can pick the Email messages option.
  • Select Microsoft Exchange from the Select Program menu on the first tab and click Next.
  • A new message tab appears on the screen, verifying the message exporting. To proceed, click “ Ok ”.
  • Now, choose the files and folders from Windows Live Mail that you wish to import into Microsoft Outlook 365 and press OK.
  • A new window will emerge on the screen, reflecting the progress of the EML file conversion.
  • While you were receiving the confirmation notice that the conversion procedure had been completed: Finally, click the Finish button.

Phase 2: Import your PST files into Outlook 365 account

  • Install Outlook 365 on your PC and sign in using the appropriate credentials.
  • Now navigate to Data governance’s Import tab and create a new task for importing data to the Outlook 365 storage path.
  • Copies and saves the SAS URL for network uploads here.
  • After saving the URL, download, install, and activate the Azure AzCopy program.
  • Now, using the AzCopy Tool, import the resultant files to Outlook 365 via the command prompt (from a shared directory). (You may also use Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer to browse your PST files.)
  • Now, following that, build a CSV file with the mailboxes’ information (in the Microsoft recommended format).
  • To validate the CSV file, create a PST import Job.
  • Finally, import PST files into Outlook 365 using the Outlook 365 Import Wizard. Additionally, if necessary, you may filter PST files here.

Limitations of the manual process

  • As you can see, the manual solution is divided into two stages. Also, it is quite extensive and time-consuming.
  • Technical knowledge is require to manually import EML files into Outlook 365.
  • Also, this task requires the installation of a supporting program.
  • There are no guarantees of an accurate and secure result.

What to do now?

3Steps Software is a safe and secure software that allows you to import emails straight from EML files into Outlook 365 without losing any data. This program makes it simple to overcome the constraints of manual processes. Also, it enables you to import an infinite number of EML files into Outlook 365, along with all associated data. This software also allows you to convert EML files into other file formats like MBOX, PDF, and other formats.

The Final Words

The preceding section discusses how to import EML files into Outlook 365 accounts. Regarding the subject at hand, I have highlighted the various causes for the migration’s manual method. Also, when consumers encounter difficulties importing EML files emails to Outlook 365 using the manual way, I propose an expert tool. So, use the method now.

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