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Convert Multiple EML to PDF Format with Manual & Professional Methods

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Convert • 5 Min Read

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Summary: This article discusses the most efficient methods to convert multiple EML to PDF format.

Today, thousands of people utilize EML files within their preferred mail client to manage data and transmit information from one location to another. Similarly, thousands of people rely on PDF files for presentation, document storage, and personal, professional, and governmental purposes. As a result, there are numerous people looking for a solution to convert multiple EML to PDF, and they typically choose batch conversion to expedite the procedure. They are currently confronted with issues due to the fact that the two file formats are diametrically opposed. This post will walk you through the process of converting multiple .eml to PDF.

Basic Information about EML and PDF Files

  • EML File: An EML file includes the message’s content and associated information such as the topic, sender, receiver, and date.
  • PDF File: A PDF file is an abbreviation for Portable Document Format, which was developed by Adobe. PDFs contain photos, videos, and text, among other things.

Why Is PDF the Preferable File Format?

  • The following arguments justify the use of PDF files:
  • PDF files that have been converted can be stored for future use.
  • To access EML files, you must first install an email client. However, PDF files may be viewed on any machine.
  • A PDF document can be utilized as critical evidence in digital forensic investigations.

What are the different ways to convert multiple EML to PDF format?

There are several techniques for converting EML to PDF. As a result, we’re going to discuss both manual and professional methods for doing this work below.

  • If you want to convert EML as PDF manually, you must use Microsoft Word. The EML file can be opened in Microsoft Word and then saved as a PDF file. Adhere to the steps outlined below:
  • To begin, navigate to the folder where the EML files are located.
  • Then, one by one, right-click each EML file and click Open With. To open the specified EML file, you must pick Microsoft Word as the desired app.
  • This will open the EML file in Microsoft Word. Now you must save this file as a PDF. To do so, on the taskbar, click the File menu and select Save As.
  • Select the File Format option by clicking the drop-down arrow next to it. Select PDF from the Export Formats menu and click Export.

This will convert EML to PDF file. Similarly, you can save other EML emails into PDF files. Manually converting EML files is quite handy, but only if you have a small quantity of them. If you have a big number of EML files to convert to PDF files, the manual process will take a significant amount of time and effort. In this case, you should use an automated solution such as the EML to PDF Converter tool. This enables you to convert thousands of EML files simultaneously without requiring a great deal of time or human work.

An Automated method convert EML into PDF document format

We recommend that users use 3Steps Software. This tool is quite simple to use. It enables users to convert multiple EML files, including attachments, to PDF in batch. With this application, users may effortlessly convert an unlimited number of EML files. Additionally, this tool keeps all the attributes of your EML file when converting it to PDF. There will be no modifications made to the EML files’ original formatting.

Why is it preferable to use a professional solution to accomplish the conversion?

As previously stated, manual approaches have limitations. With manual steps, you cannot convert multiple EML files. Additionally, the manual stages necessitate the installation of supportive applications. Without these, the conversion is impossible. The data loss issue may also arise when utilizing this approach, as well as the possibility of certain formatting modifications to the EML emails. As a result, the proposed application includes a plethora of capabilities that easily overcome the constraints.

  • With the professional app, you can convert multiple EML to PDF at once.
  • Supports to convert EML to PDF along with all the attached information.
  • Also, during EML to PDF conversion, this software maintains properties.
  • Any supportive application is not required to perform the conversion.
  • The app enables you to evaluate EML files prior to conversion.
  • Also, provide option to specify the location of the converted PDF file
  • This programme is available for download and use on all versions of Windows.
  • Additionally, there are choices for naming conventions and Internet message headers.
  • Additionally, the app offers selective EML to PDF conversion.

The final words

In the preceding section, we discussed both manual and professional methods for converting numerous EML files to PDF format. Both treatments are risk-free and have been thoroughly evaluated. The recommended approach is simply adaptable to the needs of every user. Therefore, if you require EML to PDF conversion, do not lose your time. Choose the solution that best fits your needs and complete this activity.


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