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How to Convert EML to HTML Format Manually ?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Convert • 5 Min Read

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In this blog, you will get the manual solution to convert EML to HTML. After using that solution you will know how easy it is to convert EML files. In this blog, you will also get to know what is the reason for converting EML files to HTML and what are the ways to do it, we will also discuss it. But before that let’s pay attention to the query of a user.

User Query;

“I’m looking for a way to use Thunderbird from the command line to read an.eml file and save it as HTML.”
I’m currently working on a project that involves storing eml files in a database and rendering them in a web browser so that the end-user may view them without having to open the file in Thunderbird.
I tried a few PHP classes, but none of them produced the desired result, and I don’t want to download/install one of the many non-free alternatives. Is there any extension, hidden command-line, or other means to convert EML to HTML using Thunderbird’s command line?”

Why Users Need to Convert EML Files to HTML Web Documents

The EML file format was created to store email messages and their associated data in a plain text file. The .eml files are divided into two sections: a header and the main body text. The header provides information such as the email address (sent/received), subject, data, and more.
The majority of online sites, on the other hand, are created as HTML files. It works with a variety of browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and others. This HTML format specifies the structure of any page by specifying a set of rules and tags, such as paragraphs, headings, and links. It may also specify semantics for other programming languages, such as JavaScript, that might influence the behaviour of the Web Browser throughout the HTML file process.

Way to Convert Files from EML to HTML

To convert EML to HTML, we have found three methods, with the help of which you can transfer your files without any problem. It depends on you, which solution you choose, we will describe both the solutions in this blog, then you can choose as per your wish. Let us see how to use both solutions.

Method 1: Using Rename Option

  • Right-click on the EML file and select it.
  • Select the rename option.
  • Replace the .eml extension with the .mht extension.
  • If you wish to alter the extension, choose Yes.
  • Using any Browser, open the converted file.
  • The MHT file will be shown in an internet browser.
  • Now hit CTRL+S and choose a save location for the file.
  • Click the Saving button after selecting HTML as the save type.
  • After that, you may use any web browser to see the converted HTML file.

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Method 2: Using Thunderbird Application

  • On your computer, launch Thunderbird.
  • Next, install Add-on to your account and import the EML file into the email client.
  • Right-click on the Local folder, then choose ImportExport Tool NG, then Import Message or Import All Messages from Directory (for multiple .eml files).
  • In the email client interface, choose the email file or folder you wish to import.
    On the email client interface, all .eml files are visible. Users may now save it in HTML format.
  • Right-click the folder or email you wish to export
  • Next, use ImportExport Tool NG to export all messages in a folder, then choose HTML Format (For the entire folder)
  • Click on the chosen folder and choose a spot to store the HTML file.

Limitation of Manual Solution

The manual technique may be useful if you just have a little quantity of data. This strategy, on the other hand, will not function if you have a significant volume of data. It’s a lengthy procedure that needs patience. This procedure will not allow you to convert your attachments. There are several limitations to the procedures described in this handbook that make proper conversion difficult. This approach is a lengthy procedure that requires patience. Additionally, there is a risk of data loss if you attempt to export multiple .eml files.

Method 3: Automatic Solution for Convert EML to HTML Format

The third solution that comes to convert eml to HTML is the automatic solution 3Steps software. Using this, you will be able to convert your eml files to different formats. The manual solution, the time Consuming, but in automatic it takes only a few minutes. Your data may also be lost due to manual solutions, but by using automatic solutions your chances of losing data are also eliminated. If you convert your eml files with this software, then the formatting of your files is also not lost.

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We’ve previously covered the two techniques to convert EML to HTML. The manual approach was also covered in this article, as well as its drawbacks. We also proposed an automated approach to convert EML files to HTML web pages with attachments to get around these limitations. This utility is highly recommended for batch conversion of various.eml files.

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