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Delete All Yahoo Emails at Once – All in One Guide

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Delete • 5 Min Read

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We frequently receive user queries who are unable to delete all Yahoo emails at once. Although this is a very easy task to perform, still some new users may not know how to execute this task. There can be several reasons for that. Maybe the users are not familiar with Yahoo’s interface or any other reason. If you are facing the same issue, this article is enough to clear all your doubts regarding the same.

In this write-up, we are going to discuss the reasons for which users usually want to delete their bulk emails. This can help us learn the user intent & actual scenario. In addition, we’re going to explore all the important checks we must perform before we delete emails. Furthermore, the process of deleting the emails permanently is also there in this article along with the method for temporary deletion of mails.

Need to Delete All Yahoo Messages at Once

Now we must understand why do users want to undergo such an operation. There can be several reasons for that. These can vary from user to user. Thus we are going to look at some of the most common reasons that make users delete their emails in Yahoo.

  • Several users often use their email ID to sign up at various websites. As a result, their inbox gets flooded by plenty of promotional emails. To remove such unwanted & irrelevant emails, users may want to delete bulk emails.
  • Now, when users exceed the storage space, they want to keep the data on the hard drive & delete the data from the account to make space. This is the most common reason why users want to delete all Yahoo inbox messages at once.
  • As some users migrate from one environment to another, they might want to delete the data from the source email client after the migration. Data integrity & privacy can be considered the topmost reason here in this case.

Checklist to Follow Before You Delete All Yahoo Emails at Once

It’s important for users to make sure that this checklist is followed to avoid any discrepancies later in this operation. There are just a few points in this checklist making it easy for users to execute a well-structured task.

  • Users should always keep a backup of their files before they delete their bulk emails. This helps users to get access to emails even after the deletion if they need these emails later on. 3Steps Software offers a backup tool to save Yahoo emails locally. It is tried & tested utility by millions of users.
  • The second point here is that users need to make sure which emails they want to delete. This can help them in saving the important emails from getting accidentally deleted with other unwanted emails.  Users should carefully delete all unread email on Yahoo.
  • The final point in this checklist is to decide the method of deleting emails. If users want to delete just a few emails, we recommend they delete emails one by one. If they have bulk emails to delete, then only they should use the below-mentioned methods.

Know the Solution to Permanently Delete Yahoo Emails in Bulk

Let’s start learning the simple & easy step-by-step tutorial to easily execute this task without facing any issues. This solution can help you delete all Yahoo emails at once.

Step-1. Sign in to your Yahoo Email Account using login credentials.


Step-2. Select the First Email that you want to delete & Scroll Down till the end.


Step-3. Hold the Shift Key & then Click on the Last Email you want to delete >> Click the Delete button.


Step-4. Finally, you can see all your Emails are Deleted.

step-4 delete all Yahoo emails at once

Temporarily Delete All Yahoo Messages at Once

If you want to temporarily delete your Yahoo emails then it is also similar to deleting the emails permanently. This is preferable if users are not sure if they want to delete their emails permanently. Here, they can archive their emails so that they can be removed from the mailbox folders. However, these emails are still there in users’ accounts in the archive folder.

It is quite easy to delete all Yahoo inbox messages at once in a temporary way.  Users need to execute the same steps as the permanent method. However, instead of clicking the delete button, they need to click on the archive button. That’s it. All of their emails can be archived swiftly.


In the end, we’re going to conclude this article. It is not a difficult process to execute even for new users. We are hoping that users can easily delete all Yahoo emails at once using this tutorial. Do not forget to backup your crucial files before deleting them from the account. If you are still left with any queries contact our support team to get expert advice.

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