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Backup Yahoo Mail to PC Helps Protecting Email for Small Business

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Backup • 6 Min Read

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Yahoo email client was widely popular among users a few years back. However, it failed to make any tech innovations & then other email clients grabbed the opportunity. Now if you have an active Yahoo account and want to backup Yahoo mail, you’ve landed on the perfect page. We receive queries from a lot of users regarding the same. After our research & expert consultation, we are here with the perfect solution & most detailed guide. 

Here, we are going to discuss the needs of undergoing this operation. In addition, the manual method & the automated solution is also there in this guide. Moreover, drawbacks of the manual method are also there along with features that the automated solution offers. Read this article till the end to clarify all your doubts regarding this operation.

Need to Backup Yahoo Small Business Email

Users want to save their crucial files due to several reasons. Evidently, this shows that a majority of users want to keep their files locally for an extra layer of security. Below are the reasons that make organizations & individuals undergo such backup exercises.

  • To protect data files from accidental deletion, an extra copy of data on the local system is useful for businesses. Users do not need to worry about data loss if they have a backup ready.
  • Yahoo hasn’t really made any improvements to its technology. This leads to frequent network outages. To access your files anytime from anywhere in the world, backup Yahoo mail to PC is a wise choice.
  • As we know that cyber-attacks are getting common these days, it increases the cost of security measures. A backup can be an affordable & effective solution here.
  • To protect your files from getting corrupted by viruses & bugs constantly, a backup is the most reliable solution. Having another copy of data files locally allows users to access data even after file corruption.

All Possible Ways to Backup Yahoo Mail

There are a number of ways to save your Yahoo data in your local system. However, we must understand that all of these methods are not reliable. We are going to discuss only two methods here. First, the manual method & then the automated solution. Still, for users, all methods are mentioned below.

  • Copy your email messages & paste them into a word document to save the text. However, it does not save attachments. Also, it can take ages to save multiple emails. Backup Yahoo mail using this method is not practical.
  •  Safe individual emails as PDF to your local system via Yahoo directly. Here also, we can’t save multiple files at once.
  • Configure your Yahoo account to any IMAP/POP3 supported email client & then save your emails. We are going to learn this method in the next section step by step.
  • An automated tool is a wise choice for users to avoid any data security issues. It enables users to enjoy a number of benefits while executing this operation.

Backup Yahoo Small Business Email – Manual Method

We are going to check out the manual method to perform this operation. Before we proceed, install Thunderbird which is an open-source email client. It supports IMAP & can be a perfect solution to get desired results manually. Also, download the Import/Export Tools NG plug-in & follow the steps.

  • Step-1. Go to Tools Menu in Thunderbird & then Click on the Account Settings option.
  • Step-2. Click on Add Accounts Actions button and then Select theAdd New Account option.
  • Step-3. Enter your Name, Yahoo Account Credentials & Click on the Continue button.
  • Step-4. Select IMAP & then Select the Manual Configuration option to proceed further.
  • Step-5. Carefully Enter the correct Server Configuration & Port Numbers respectively.
  • Step-6. At last, Click on Re-Test & then hit the Done Button to end the configuration to start backup Yahoo mail.
  • Step-7. Select the folder >> Right-click >> in Import/Export Tools NG Click on Export all messages in the folder option.
  • Step-8. Select PDF Format and then Provide the Destination & Click on the Select Folder button.

After this, all the files can be seen in the selected folder. All the files are in PDF format as it is the most easily accessible file format.

Drawbacks of Using the Manual Method

The manual method has several limitations that can easily confuse new users. Evidently, experts do not recommend the manual method. Below are the limitations that can make you think twice before opting for the manual approach to backup Yahoo mail.

  • The manual method is time taking. It may take several hours for saving heavy files. Hence, experts recommend this method to execute only single files.
  • It is not safe to use the manual method for saving your files as it poses risk & can corrupt your vital data files. It can be huge severe damage to your data files.
  • There is no option to selectively backup Yahoo mail to PC. It lacks various filters that can significantly ease out the workload.
  • The manual method is complex & involves multiple steps. New users who are technically unsound can get confused & may execute false steps resulting in worsening the situation.

Upgrade & Experience the Automated Solution

Now in order to provide a reliable solution to all the troubled users, we are here with the modern approach. The modern solution is opting for the dedicatedly developed advanced tools for getting desired results. These tools are developed with advanced algorithms that can easily execute the entire operation.

3Step Software is the choice of millions of users worldwide for backup Yahoo small business email. Even several organizations liked this utility & showed positive feedback.

The automated solution is the first of IT experts due to these reasons:

  • It maintains the folder structure in the saved copy on the local system.
  • It can backup emails in PST / PDF / MSG / MBOX / EML formats with ease.
  • The automated tool saves email attachments along with the actual email body.
  • This offers a date filter for selective backup that saves only what users want to save.
  • It offers the feature of incremental backup to avoid duplicate data files in the destination.
  • This tool supports Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 (32 bit or 64 bit) & Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2008.

These are just a few of the advantages that users can get from the automated solution. There are many advantages that prove this method is a reliable solution to back up crucial data files.

To Wrap Up

Now we hope that you learned how to backup Yahoo mail without compromising data integrity. We are not recommending the manual solution as this involves a high degree of risk. Furthermore, when the automated solution offers various benefits, why should you risk your data by opting for the manual method. If you are in search of such an automated tool, 3Step Software can be your perfect match. This offers users to easily backup Yahoo mail without experiencing any issues.

By Shubham Dixit

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