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How to Convert Multiple Yahoo Emails to PDF Effortlessly?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Convert • 5 Min Read

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Summary: Here, we will learn how to convert multiple yahoo emails to PDF with the help of manual methods. Also, find out about the alternative solution for the same operation and check out if there are any drawbacks or advantages of both the methods. Let’s get started!

Like other old email services on the web, Yahoo is one of the most preferred ones. There are various users who have multiple accounts, one of which could be Yahoo.

When various advanced email platforms were launched, a lot of users had to convert their data files to a universally compatible format.

This is why we are here to convert Yahoo to PDF. The methods to save these files are simple and quick.

All the content of this document is independent of any software, OS, or application. There are various reasons for professionals to transfer their important data to another email client.

Users with no or less technical knowledge can take this article as a reference guide for converting the data to desired format.

Let’s start with the procedure.

Methods Solving How to Convert Multiple Yahoo Emails to PDF

The quick methods for transferring the messages are:

  1. Manually Transfer Messages from Yahoo
  2. Using Smart Conversion Tool

The first method being the manual technique can transfer emails to required file format but one-by-one. There are certain limitations of the same method which you might not want to face during the conversion.

The second method, on the other hand, is capable of getting rid or all the drawbacks of the manual solution & provides various features.

Take a look at both of them separately.

Steps to Convert Yahoo to PDF Using the Manual Method

1. Open your Yahoo Mail account.

2. Click open the email you want to convert.

3. Choose the More option by clicking on the 3 horizontal dots.

4. From the drop-down menu, select the Print option.

5. Select the destination as Save as PDF in the window that appears.

6. Change the layout as per desire and hit the Save button.

7. Set the destination location of the file and press Save.

The file will be converted and saved to your chosen location and you can access it in any supported email client.

To learn how to convert multiple Yahoo emails to PDF using this manual method, you will have to perform the same technique for every email separately.

And no, it doesn’t allow choosing multiple messages at once for the conversion.

There is another way of saving emails manually.

Another Manual Method to Convert Messages 

This method uses MS Word, follow these steps:

1. In your Yahoo account, open the email you want to convert.

2. Copy the text of the message.

3. Launch MS Word on your desktop and open a new file.

4. Paste the entire text and click on the File option to convert Yahoo to PDF.

5. Hit the Save As button and enter a name for the file.

6. Choose the Save As Type option and select PDF from the drop-down menu.

7. Select the destination location & click on Save.

Well, there are a few drawbacks of both the methods.

What Are the Demerits of Applying Manual Methods to Convert Messages?

  • These methods take a lot of time to complete the procedure if multiple messages are to be exported.
  • Users have to perform the task time & again for each message.
  • Message hierarchy is not always maintained and can become confusing.
  • Becomes a lengthy procedure.

How to Convert Multiple Yahoo Email to PDF Without Wasting Time?

Here, we have an intuitive solution which is technically inclined yet, easy-to-understand i.e. 3Steps Backup Tool.

How great would it be to convert messages from the mailbox in bulk without any wastage of time & effort? This software is built to do that.

The software has various features that a user can take full benefit of while converting their data files.

The steps of this tool are quick and there is no cascading which makes it even more suitable for the non-techies.

How Does the Tool Benefit Users to Convert Yahoo to PDF?

The following are the features of the software that provide the advantage:

  • There are more than one email format such as PST, EML, MBOX, MSG, etc.
  • You can apply the Date-filter to save emails selectively from a time-period
  • Applying the Delete after Download feature helps in freeing up space
  • Using the Incremental Backup feature allows downloading only newly received files
  • It is possible to choose certain folders only to export messages from
  • Ability to save the attachments integrated with emails is also there

Why Use PDF? What Are the Benefits?

Users prefer learning how to convert multiple Yahoo emails to PDF because:

  • PDF file is compatible with every email client on the web or on desktop.
  • It is the only format accepted in legal or court operations.
  • If a user wants to save important attachments, a PDF file allows setting a password.
  • You can restrict files to certain users or make the document just readable to make sure no changes are made.
  • No need to add or install costly software to open the files, Adobe Acrobat or other browsers can open these files.
  • Add watermarks to avoid copyright errors.

In Brief

It is easy to know how to convert multiple Yahoo emails to PDF but there are less techniques of performing the same in bulk. Manual methods are not capable enough to download the data in bulk which is why many users keep surfing the internet for suitable solutions.

You can go for the software explained above to learn the operation in a quick manner without losing even a bit of data. Having files in a PDF format is beneficial to every user as they can be accessed in any email client.

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