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How to Save Multiple Outlook Emails as PDF with Attachments ?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Feb 14, 2022 • Save • 4 Min Read

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“Hello there, I just started using Outlook a few days ago, and I’m not familiar with it, nor do I fully understand all of its functions. Due to specific professional responsibilities, I am now required to store a large number of Outlook emails in PDF format. Even though I have done a great deal of research on the internet, I am unable to comprehend the process. So, I’m seeking a simple method of saving Outlook emails as PDF files with attachments. Please advise on the best method to use in this situation.”

“Hey there, I’ve been using Outlook on Windows 7 for the past five years, and I want to save all of my Outlook emails as PDF files for backup. Because I failed to create a backup of my previously used email client, which resulted in the corruption of my data, I am now aware of the importance of creating a backup. To save Outlook emails as PDF files on Windows 7, could somebody please offer the simplest method?”

Outlook is the most widely used email client for both sending and receiving emails. Many users use Outlook, but they forget that it is an email client, and there is still a chance of Outlook becoming corrupted and shutting down.

So, backups are essential, and there are numerous instances in which users want to save multiple Outlook emails as PDF files. They just don’t know how to go about it.

Here we will show, free and best techniques to save all Outlook emails as PDFs.

Reasons to Save Outlook Emails as PDF with Attachments

For a variety of reasons, you may find yourself in need to save multiple Outlook emails as PDF. Some of the causes behind this are as follows:

  • Users are unable to access PST files if they do not have Outlook installed.
  • PDF files are flexible in nature and may be readily moved around, however, the PST file is not capable of doing so as well.
  • PDF files may be opened on any platform, whereas PST files cannot.
  • Other Microsoft Office tools provide you with the ability to save file data as a PDF file, however, you are not permitted to do so with Outlook.

Manual Methods

Here we will show you 2 manual methods to save multiple Outlook emails as PDF. But there are some limitations to these methods. So first, read all the limitations and restrictions before the starting process.

Pro Tip: Manual methods have always some limitations and restrictions. So, if you don’t want to face any problems during and after the process. Then you should take the help of third-party tools like 3steps Outlook to PDF Converter Tool. This software can easily and quickly save Outlook emails as PDF with attachments without any hassle. Also, the tool comes with a user-friendly interface which makes the tool easy to use for both technical and non-technical users.

Method 1: Save Microsoft Outlook Emails as PDF with Acrobat Pro DC

Important Note: Exporting Microsoft Outlook emails into PDF files is made easiest by Adobe Acrobat. In exchange for using it, you must pay a large fee. If you can buy it, Acrobat can save multiple Outlook emails. You receive several extra PDF options for doing so.

  1. The open Outlook email client on your device.
  2. Press on the File tab >> Print, after that a dialog will open.
  3. Choose “Adobe PDF” as the printer under the “Printer options”.
  4. Now set the settings according to your needs and click on the “Print” icon.
  5. Next, browse the destination location and set the file name.
  6. Lastly, click on the “OK” icon to print the emails.

Method 2: Save Multiple Outlook Emails

Important Note: Outlook is must be installed on your device.

  1. Open the MS Outlook application on your machine.

    Open MS Outlook application to save multiple Outlook emails as PDF

  2. Now click on the “File” tab >> print, choose “Microsoft Print to PDF” from the list.

    click on the “File” tab

  3. Next click on the “Print” icon.
  4. And then browse the saving location and hit the Save icon.

    browse the saving location to save multiple Outlook emails as PDF

As you can see manual methods are the easiest and simplest method to save Outlook emails as PDF with attachments. But there are some limitations and restrictions with manual methods.

Sometimes it’s free and sometimes it comes with a high cost. Also, users cannot save multiple Outlook emails.

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Wrap Up

Whatever the reason you want to save multiple Outlook emails as PDF, the information contained in this blog will undoubtedly be of assistance. In this section, we’ll go over the best ways to save Outlook emails as PDF with attachments. However, choose the way that is most appropriate for your situation and requirements, and complete the task as swiftly as possible.

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