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How to Migrate Yahoo Email to Office 365? Migrate Yahoo Mails Safely

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Migrate • 6 Min Read

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Users all around the world use to consider Yahoo as one of the most reliable solutions for email services. However, from the beginning of the decade, it started facing a steep downfall. Now its users want to migrate Yahoo email to Office 365. This is because Yahoo wasn’t upgrading technology & lacking the innovation that other email clients realized in time. As a result, today’s generation doesn’t even know what Yahoo was in the previous decade.

Here, in this article, we are going to understand the major reasons why users want to perform this operation. In addition, the methods to execute this task are also there below. Reading this comprehensive guide till the end can unveil several methods to execute this task safely. However, selecting the optimum solution is totally users’ preference.

Perform Yahoo Mail to Office 365 Migration for these Critical Reasons

There can be several reasons for operating this migration process & it varies from user to user. Some of the major reasons are listed below to get a better understanding of the operation. It can help users to see this task from different angles & not only from the tower view.

Microsoft secures users’ data with some of the most advanced features that keep the data integrity intact. It makes it really difficult for cyber attackers to harm vital business information. This gives mental satisfaction to users that their data is safe with Microsoft. 

Mircosoft is not offering a single structured plan. They enable their users to choose from its variety of plans suitable for individuals, businesses & enterprises. Moreover, expanding businesses can scale up as per their growth easily. This makes users opt for the Microsoft environment.

Microsoft offers more than just mailboxes in a majority of its subscription plans. Furthermore, it offers SharePoint, Excel, PowerPoint, One Drive, and much more to businesses for creating a complete business environment.

Migrate Yahoo Email to Office 365 Using the Manual Method

Now we are going to learn the manual method step by step with the detailed tutorial below. There can be several errors that users might experience in this method due to the complex nature of the conventional method.

IT professionals in this field do not recommend using the manual method if you are not technically sound. Due to the complex nature, users often get stuck in between the operation & end up losing their crucial data files.

Step-1. Go to Account security & then Click on the radio button with the “Allow apps that use less secure sign-in” option.


Step-2. Open MS Outlook application >> Go to File >> Click on Info >> Click on Add Account option >> Manually Configure Server Settings >> Click on the Next button to proceed further.


Step-3. Click on the Add New Account button >> Click on POP3 or IMAP option >> Click on Next.


Step-4. Put pop.mail.yahoo.com in the incoming mail server section and smtp.mail.yahoo.com in the outgoing mail server section.
[Note: Enter login credentials – Yahoo email and password.]

migrate Yahoo email to Office 365 step-4

Step-5. Click on More Settings >> Select POP and IMAP Account Settings >> now simply Assign an Account Name.

Step-6. Opt for the Outgoing Server tab >> Click on “Use Same Settings as My Incoming Mail Server and My SMTP Requires Authentication.

Step-7. Now under the Advanced tab >> Set POP3 server: 995 and for SMTP server: 465. Select SSL as the encryption type. Then simply Click on “This Server Requires an Encrypted Connection”.

Step-8. Click on the OK button >> Click on the Next button >> then Click on Finish. Now start the Outlook application again.

Step-9. Click on the “Send/Receive” button >> Click on the “Send/Receive All Folders” option.

Your Yahoo mail to Office 365 migration is now completed. You can check out the resultant files in the destination folders subsequently.

Other Alternative Methods from Microsoft?

Now, we have two other direct ways by which we can execute our migration operation. These two methods are Network upload & Drive Shipping methods. Let’s understand what does it mean.

Network Upload
In this method, users first need to save their Yahoo mails in .pst file format. Later on, using the Azure AzCopy tool & by creating the SAS URL, users can import these PST files to Office 365. This is a very complex task & even trained professionals can not do this without proper guidance. To migrate Yahoo email to Office 365 using this method, users must be ready in advance to face several errors.

Drive Shipping
The drive shipping method is easier than the network upload. However, it is more time-consuming & costly for businesses. Here, system admins need to store all the Yahoo emails in PST file format on a hard disc. Then they need to encrypt these files with BitLocker. Finally, they have to ship this drive physically to Microsoft’s headquarters. This method costs around $2 per GB which is actually very expensive.

Automated Solution for this Migration Operation

Now if all of the above-mentioned solutions are not suitable, what could be the perfect solution? To solve this query, 3Steps Software is offering a dedicated tool enriched with AI-enabled algorithms. This makes the utility works even better. It can migrate files bulk without any difficulties.

Such tools are the first preference of any IT expert interested in Yahoo mail to Office 365 migration. It is perfect for those who don’t want to get in trouble caused by manual methods. Moreover, it helps users avoid spending over the budget for drive shipping. Doesn’t matter if you are a new user or not, this method is the simplified way of transferring your files from yahoo to the Office 365 environment.

To Wrap Up

Now to conclude this article, we can say that we learned the various ways to execute this complex operation. Users can opt for any of the above-mentioned approaches. However, for optimum results, the automated tool should be your first choice at any time. Finally, we can say that if you want to migrate Yahoo email to Office 365, an automated solution offers a hassle-free experience in the minimum time possible.

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