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Import OLM to Google Workspace Manually Using GAMMO App

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Import • 6 Min Read

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Numerous clients attempt to save OLM files to Office 365 but are unable to do so due to resource constraints. So, if you’ve been looking for a means to import OLM to Google Workspace environment but haven’t been able to find it, please follow the procedure outlined below.

Outlook for Mac files are known as OLM files. These files are only useful if we use them through the client; if they become orphaned, you may have difficulty maintaining, organising, and accessing them. The Google Workspace, on the other hand, can handle all of these challenges with ease.

Therefore, have a look at some of the key perks of Google Workspace that may make it the finest option for your OLM files.

Why Should You Use Google Workspace to Store OLM?

  • OLM files may only be utilised with an Outlook for Mac account. As a result, you will have trouble accessing the OLM from any other platform, although your Gmail account may be accessed through any web browser.
  • Every time you need to see your emails using OLM, you’ll need to be attached to a certain device. However, you will not have this problem if you use Gmail. Gmail may be accessed from any device.
  • When you use Gmail to save your OLM, you will increase the security of your data because all of your emails will be kept on a cloud server rather than on your Mac’s hard storage.

These are some of the benefits you’ll get by importing OLM to Google Workspace. As a result, in order to provide you with all of these benefits, we give you one of the best approaches, which you may use for free. So, have a look at it.

The Most Common Manual Method to Import OLM to Google Workspace

Well, there is no straightforward means for importing OLM files directly to Google Workspace. As a result, transferring OLM to G Suite must be done in two steps.

  • First and foremost, convert a Mac Outlook database file to an intermediate format.
  • Then, save the PST file to your G Suite account.

However, following the step-by-step approach outlined below will ensure that these steps are completed efficiently:

1st step: OLM to Intermediate File Format Export

Enable the IMAP setup in Gmail.

  • To sign in to your Gmail account, open your Web browser and go to Gmail.com.
  • From the ‘Settings’ menu, choose ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP.’
    chooose forwarding pop and imap
  • After that, select ‘Enable IMAP’ and then ‘Save Changes.’
    enable imap

Integrate Gmail with Outlook for Mac.

  • Open Outlook on a Mac and go to Outlook> Preferences.
    select outlook click preference
  • To get started, go to ‘Accounts’ and then click the ‘+’ icon.
  • Select ‘New Account…’ and type in your Gmail address.
    choose new account
  • Continue to sign in with your Gmail account ID by choosing ‘Continue’ and then ‘Allow.’
    click allow
  • Finally, select MS Outlook and click Open.
    select ms outlook click open

Move Mail from Outlook on Mac to Gmail

  • After login into Gmail successfully, right-click on the Gmail ID and select ‘New folder’ from the menu.
    click new folder
  • ‘OLM Data’ should be the name of the folder.
  • Now, in your MS Outlook for Mac OLM profile, right-click on an email folder, such as Inbox, and select ‘Copy Folder.’
    copy folder
  • In the search box, type ‘OLM Data,’ and then choose the ‘OLM Data’ folder.
  • Click ‘Copy’ to copy. The contents of the Outlook Mac (OLM) folder will be replicated to the Gmail folder named ‘OLM Data’ that we previously created.
    click copy
  • After copying, wait for the Gmail server to finish the sync.

Connect your Gmail account to Outlook for Windows and get your PST file.

  • Open Windows Outlook and log in with the same Gmail ID as before once all copied email items have been synced.
  • Then, using the Outlook Import/Export Wizard, export the duplicated mailbox data in Gmail’s OLM to PST.

2nd Step: Open Google Workspace and Import the Exported OLM.

  • Download and install GAMMO/ GSMMO utility or Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Outlook on the local PC to begin the procedure.
  • Then, open the GSMMO app and log in with your Gmail account before clicking the Continue option.
    log into gmail
  • A window will now appear; click the Continue option to continue.
    click continue
  • Then, from the drop-down menu, select From PST File. Then go to the location where you saved your PST file. Select the intermediate file and then press the Open button. To continue, select the Migrate All Data option and click Next.
    choose outlook pst file
  • Then select the item you wish to import from your PST to your Gmail account. Email messages, calendar, and contacts are selected by default, with the rest being optional. To begin the migration process, click the Migrate button.
    select items
  • A window will appear once the migrating process is complete. Select the OK button.
    migration complete

This concludes our process to manually import OLM to Google Workspace

When it comes to using the manual way of OLM to Google Workspace transfer, it is not an easy operation. There are a number of drawbacks to employing a manual technique, which are outlined below:

Because it is an indirect technique, the manual procedure takes a long time. During the import transfer process, there is a possibility of data loss. To manually move OLM to Google Workspace, one must be technically proficient or seek expert assistance.

To bypass all of these time-consuming steps and the usage of an alternative email account, utilise 3Steps Software to import OLM to Gmail / Google Workspace. As stated by the utility, the strategy is capable of accomplishing your assignment in just three steps. It is dependable and provides you with a direct route. So, if you think the manual method is too difficult, check out the tool.

In Conclusion

We’ve provided you with the best and most widely used manual method to import OLM to Google Workspace. The method necessitates first converting OLM to an intermediate file before importing them into Workspace. In order to complete the task, you must additionally use an alternate client. As a result, we recommend that you read through the entire technique along with a bonus approach to do the same and then determine which is ideal for you.

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