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Import MBOX File to Outlook – Quick & Easy Solution

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Import • 4 Min Read

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If you are looking for the solution to import MBOX file to Outlook, then you are landed on the right page. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss some of the best techniques to resolve this complicated import process.

Well, why do I say this import process is complicated? Now, the reason behind this complexity is its file format. Because both of the email clients support different file formats like Thunderbird support as MBOX and Outlook support PST file format. Hence to view MBOX files in Outlook you have to first complete the conversion process.

Moreover, there are also some reasons that force users to import MBOX files to Outlook, and in the upcoming section, we are going to discuss some of the reasons that are responsible.

Reasons Behind Import MBOX to Outlook PST

As we said above that we cannot access MBOX files in Microsoft Outlook directly. Henceforth, we need this conversion process.

  • Users Need – If the users move from Thunderbird to Outlook then they need this conversion to access all of the MBOX data into Outlook
  • Security- We all know that Outlook is one the most secure email client hence many users want this conversion.
  • Orphaned MBOX- Many users want to receive orphaned files but due to lack of a particular email client, they are not able to open the data.

Now, after knowing the reasons let’s move toward the process to complete this conversion.

How to Import MBOX File to Outlook

Well, here in this section we are going to discuss the manual method to complete this process. However, before utilizing this approach, you must have a Gmail account and Outlook installed on your computer. In order to finish this mission, you must go through three steps.

Step 1: Enable the IMAP in Gmail.

1. Launch any web browser and sign in to your Gmail account.

2. Next, click ‘See all settings.’

3. Select the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab and select the ‘Enable IMAP’ box.

4. Finally, click the ‘Save Changes’ button to save the adjustments.

Step 2: Transfer Data from MBOX File

1. Open Thunderbird and navigate to the Tools > Options menu.

2. Go to Account Settings.

3. From the Account Actions menu, choose ‘Add a mail account.’

4. Enter the necessary information, such as your name, Gmail ID, and password. Then click the “Continue” button.

5. Click the ‘Done’ button after selecting ‘IMAP (remote folders).

6. You should now be able to access your Gmail account from the left pane. Click it to get a list of all the items and folders in your Gmail account.

7. Then, right-click your Gmail account and choose ‘New Folder.’

8. Name the folder and press the ‘Create Folder’ button.

9. Navigate to your account and choose the emails you want to export to Outlook.

10. Right-click and choose ‘Copy to,’ then choose the newly created Gmail folder.

11. Now, access the Gmail folder and verify that the emails were successfully migrated.

12. Now, allow Gmail to synchronize all copied emails to the server.

Step 3: Import MBOX File to Outlook

1. Open Outlook and go to File> Account Settings> Account Settings.

2. Select New from the Email menu.

3. Now enter your name, Gmail id, and password. Then, to proceed, click Next.

4. After successfully logging in, click Finish to dismiss the Account settings window.

5. To see the email, navigate to the left pane and choose your Gmail account.

6. Return to Thunderbird and access the Gmail folder you created. It should contain all
7. You have now successfully imported to Outlook using Gmail.

The Manual Method’s Drawbacks

Well, the procedure described above is free, and you will not have to pay any money to perform this work. However, both techniques are time-consuming since the Gmail approach requires you to complete a number of steps, and if you neglect any of them, you will receive an error.

Best Approch To Import MBOX File to Outlook

As we see above that the manual process is a bit complicated. Now to make this task easy here in this blog we are going to introduce one of the most effective and accurate tools that can easily export your MBOX file to Outlook in an easy way.

You can try 3Steps Software that can help you in order to transfer multiple MBOX files to Outlook PST. Not only PST this tool helps you to convert MBOX file into another file format as well.


Whatever the reason for your MBOX to Outlook conversion? If you are seeking a solution then, here in this write-up we have discussed the two best approaches to import MBOX file to Outlook. Now it is up to you to choose the right method as per your requirement.

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