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2 Secure Ways to Export Gmail to PST – Choose the Best One for You

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Export • 5 Min Read

Export Gmail to PST

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Overview: Are you facing difficulties while trying to export Gmail to PST format? If you are facing any sort of issues and giving you a headache, then don’t worry! In this article, we’ll go through both manual (with Outlook) and an automated solution (Without Outlook) to accomplish this task.

Well, we know that Gmail is one of the most widely used and well-known email services around the globe. Generally, users get attracted to Gmail applications because of several reasons. One of the biggest features is that it is free to use and 24/7 available also it is fast. Along with the features, this email service provides an ample amount of storage space.

On the other hand, MS Outlook is also one of the most reliable and trusted email applications. It is used by most of the users for their personal as well as for business purposes. It allows you to synchronize emails, calendars, contacts, and tasks in one place. Outlook stores all its data information in .pst file format. And one of the biggest advantages of Outlook is that it is a desktop-based email application.

Both the email clients have their own pros and cons. Still, many users prefer to transfer their data from Gmail to PST format. Let us discuss the reasons for the same in the following section.

Why Do Users Want to Export Gmail Emails to PST Format?

Despite the fact that Gmail applications provide countless features to facilitate the users, there are some shortcomings that provoke the users to export Gmail to PST Format. In the section below, we are explaining some of them:

  1. Sometimes, the Gmail server crashes and due to this users have to face a lot of difficulties.
  2. You can use Google Takeout to have a backup of your data but the resultant file is in a different file format.
  3. There is a storage limit. You only get 15 GB of storage to add the storage quota you have to spend money to extend its storage limit.

Well after knowing all the reasons the question arises that how we can export our crucial Gmail emails to PST format. And to resolve the user query, we have provided manual and professional methods. But, first, we will discuss the manual method that uses Outlook.

Export Gmail to PST Format Manually (With Outlook)

The users can use this approach only if they have Microsoft Outlook installed in their system. This is one of the major dependencies of this procedure that becomes the main reason for users not going with this method. Additionally, the user must configure the Gmail account in Outlook to complete the job.

So, if you are okay with all these pre-requisites then you can proceed further to have a look at the steps: 

1. Open MS Outlook application on your PC.

2. Go to the File option present in the top left.

3. Now, click on the “Open & Export” option.

click on open & export

4. Select the “Import/Export” option given from the list.

click on import/export

5. A dialogue box of Import and Export wizard will open and there are a number of options available.

6. Select “Export to a file” from the option and after selecting click on the Next button.

choose export to a file

7. Choose “Outlook data file (.pst)” and tap on the Next icon.

select outlook data file

8. From the Export Outlook Data File window, select the folder you want to export and click on “Include subfolders” to select the folders.

select include subfolders

9. Following that, “Browse” for the desired location to save the resultant file.

click on finish

10. Finally, press the Finish radio button to export Gmail emails to PST file format. This entire process will also let you download Gmail emails to computer.

Shortcomings of the Manual Approach

Although this approach seems easy to export Gmail to PST, there are a number of drawbacks that users have to face while performing this method.

  • Configuration Issue – When you configure your Gmail account the user may face difficulties while configuring the account to the Outlook application.
  • Lengthy Process – If you want to export Gmail data into PST, then you have to follow the two steps process. First, you have to configure your Gmail Account. This will take time depending upon your Gmail mailbox data. Then, the second step is to export the emails to PST file format. No doubt, it is a lengthy process.
  • Chance of Data Loss – There is a chance that you may lose your data while performing the procedure. You cannot trust this approach for your valuable and crucial data. This method does not ensure the user’s complete data download.

Excellent Method to Export Gmail Emails to PST Format

Considering all the demerits of the manual techniques, the user can use the direct technique i.e. 3Steps Software. Users can simply backup Gmail emails to hard drive by using this wizard. This tool is one of the greatest programs since it creates a comprehensive backup file and exports data quickly.

Many users prefer this software over others due to its wide range of features and easy functionality. Additionally, the utility ensures that data integrity will be maintained throughout the process. You can try the application for free before going for the licensed version of the tool.

In Conclusion

We have discussed both manual as well as a tried and trusted solution to export Gmail to PST format. The manual procedure requires Microsoft Outlook installation on system. Moreover, there is an additional step to configure Gmail account to complete the process. Whereas the smart utility doesn’t have any such limitation and works in a better way. So, you can decide which method is more suitable for you.

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