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Outlook Archive Emails to PST Manually for Free

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Archive • 4 Min Read

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Overview: The article explains how Outlook archive emails to PST files. In this write-up, we will explain the step-by-step procedure to resolve the issue. 

Well, email archiving helps to organize the space in your mailbox in an efficient manner. When you are archiving the emails, all the items are moved in a separate Outlook data file(.pst)

Let us understand the topic in a clear manner by a user’s query

Hey! I am Jack, working in a multinational co. And I am using MS Outlook for a very long time. For the last two days, I am falling some issues in Outlook. I want to archive my old emails to manage the space in my mailbox. Actually, doing this will also improve the performance of Outlook. But the problem is I am unable to find a reliable solution for Outlook archive emails to PST files. Please help me finding the solution that can instantly do the entire process. Thanks in advance.

From the above user’s concern, we have seen that the user fails to find the reliable as well as the instant solution to resolve the issue. But don’t worry, through the write-up, we will provide you with the best yet smart method that can solve the issue within a few clicks.

First, we will discuss the manual method and then the automated solution for the request.

Outlook Archive to PST Format Manually

  • According to the version do one of the following
  • For Outlook 2013

  • Go to File >> Info >> Cleanup Tools >> Archive
  • choose the archive option

    For Outlook 2016

  • Click on File >> Info >>  Tools >> Cleanup Tools
  • outlook archive emails to  pst

  • Tap on the Archive this folder and all subfolders, choose the folders you want to archive
  • From Archive folder older than, enter a date
  • enter a date

  • Users can create multiple PST files if they want to archive some folders using the settings available.
  • Here you can check the Include items with the “Do not Autoarchive” checked box to archive individual items that are excluded from automatic archiving >> OK.

Automated and Way For Outlook Archive Emails to PST File

The 3Steps Software is the best solution to resolve the issue in a proper way. This will allow the user to archive multiple Outlook PST files into a single file which is easily imported into the Microsoft Outlook application. This is a totally safe & secure tool to consolidate PST files with all data items including emails and contacts. 

The tool is fully compatible with all the latest as well as the earlier version of Outlook such as Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, etc.A

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Features of the Software Makes Different from Others

  • Apply Filters
  • One can easily archive Outlook data files by applying filters. Choose the item types like Mail, Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, notes, etc. as per the requirements.  

  • Combine Active or Orphan Files
  • In most cases, one needs to merge active or orphan PST files. This software makes it very easy for the users to merge active/orphan files into one without any complexities.

  • PST Files with Different Option
  • The tool provides three different and advanced options to combine multiple PST files into one.

    The user can choose one of them to meet his requirements to merge 2 PST files in:

    • New PST file
    • Existing PST file
    • Outlook profile
  • Maintains Folders Hierarchy
  • The software maintains the data integrity and folder hierarchy of the Outlook data files while merging Outlook .pst files into one. After the merge procedure is accomplished, the status of the ‘Read’ and ‘Unread’ remains unchanged. 

Outlook Archive Emails to PST – Final Thoughts 

In this above write-up, we have discussed the manual and the professional solution to resolve the request. It is totally up to the user to use whatever method suits them. But because there are numerous features of the software. We will advise you to use the software to have a correct and accurate result.

By Shubham Dixit

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