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How to Archive Emails in Outlook 365 by Year or Date Quickly?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Archive • 4 Min Read

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In this modern era where emails are a crucial element part of communication, they quickly fill the mailbox’s storage. Users often use archiving feature to get extra storage for their mailboxes. Hence, many users want to learn how to archive emails in Outlook 365 by year. Now there is not any direct method. However, there are some ways by which we can do so.

In this article, we are going to explore the needs for which user wants to perform such task. Moreover, the automated & manual solutions are also there in this guide. To be entirely aware of the task, we are going to check out the limitations of the manual method.

Need to Learn How to Archive Emails in Outlook 365 by Date

  • Many users want to remove bulk mails from inboxes but do not want to delete them permanently. In such cases archiving the emails is the best option for them.
  • There are cases when users want to archive emails but they want selective emails only to be archived. On the basis of month, dates & years.
  • Sometimes users want to clear space from the main mailboxes. In such a scenario, they transfer emails to the archive folder to make space in the primary mailboxes.
  • In some cases, users want to avoid paying extra charges for storage limit expansion. Here, archiving temporarily unwanted emails is a great option to avoid extra charges.

How to Archive Emails in Outlook 365 by Year using Automated Method?

The automated solution lets you save emails on a desktop & that automatically creates storage on the cloud servers. Furthermore, it enables users for accessing their data files 24×7. Without even having an internet connection. 3Steps Software offers a dedicated tool for this task. This tool is developed after the successful R&D of professional developers using advanced AI algorithms.

The thing about this method is that users can save their desired files by date & year without any difficulties. Not only this, but also it provides users with various category filters to save only the selective information. If you are looking for a professional solution, opt for this modern-day solution recommended by IT experts. Many trusted users believe that it significantly saves time & gives a boost to work efficiency. For beginners who want to learn how to archive emails in Outlook 365 by date, this can be the perfect match.

What Does the Manual Solution Offers?

To enable archiving using the manual method, follow the below-mentioned step-by-step tutorial. Do not miss out on any step to avoid failure in the operation.

Step-1. Log in to Office 365 web application with Admin Credentials.

step-1 how to archive emails in Outlook 365 by date

Step-2. Go to the Menu Option & then Click on the Admin tab.


Step-3. Go to Office 365 admin center panel >> Expand Admin button >> Click on Exchange.


Step-4. In the Recipients section, Click on the Mailbox Option to proceed further.


Step-5. Select the Mailbox you want to archive from the list shown in this section.


Step-6. In the left side pane, Go to In-Place Archive option & Click on Enable if it is disabled.


Step-7. If you want to archive multiple mailboxes, Select them & Click on More options.


Step-8. Finally, in the archive section, Click on Enable to archive multiple mailboxes.

step-8 how to archive emails in Outlook 365 by year

Note: By default, Microsoft put all the 2 years old emails directly into the archived Mailbox. This can counter user query “how to archive emails in Outlook 365 by year”.

Drawbacks of Trusting the Manual Method

  • Users without technical knowledge can find it difficult to operate this operation as it is complex & require multiple steps.
  • Without admin credentials, this task is not possible. Admins need to perform this operation. If usual users want to operate this method, they must have admin credentials. This makes the method quite difficult to access.
  • Manual Method is slow because of the involvement of multiple steps & results in poor efficiency. Moreover, there are chances that the user might get confused & face various errors.
  • Last but not least, users want to learn how to archive emails in Outlook 365 by date or year. But it is not possible directly using this manual method.
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Wrapping Up

Now that we know how to enable archiving for mailboxes in Outlook. We are going to conclude this article. It’s not a difficult process if you are technically sound. At last, we can say that the automated tool solves the user query “how to archive emails in Outlook 365 by year” very easily. It’s always a better option to save files on a local system rather than a cloud server for utmost security. If you are still left with any doubts in mind, contact us with your query. We are happy to help you.

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