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How to Save Outlook Contacts as vCard Format ? Easy Manual Method

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Save • 5 Min Read

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If you want to save Outlook contacts as vCard formats, you will need an Outlook application. If you have corrupted Outlook email files, the manual solution might not work for you. Here we will tell you three such methods, with the help of which you will save your multiple contact files in vCard at once. If you want to save single contacts or if you want to save entire contact files in one go then you will get all solutions here. And finally, we will talk about automated solutions as manual solutions have some limitations but automated solutions are not.

User Query;

Hi! I have hundreds of contacts stored in MS Outlook, which I use as my main email client. I need to save them into a vCard contacts file for professional requirements. I’m trapped since Outlook doesn’t have such an option. Is there a simple method to save the contact list as a vCard file?

Main Reason of Save Outlook Contacts to VCF File

  • Saving the data from one email client to another.
  • The VCF file format is widely supported by all email clients.
  • Hundreds of contacts may be stored in a single vCard file.
  • An Outlook account with too many contacts might become corrupt and ruined.
  • Creating a VCF file backup of your contacts.

There are a variety of reasons for the conversion, but first, let’s look at how to save outlook contacts as vCard formats. The contacts from the outlook file may be readily saved to vCard on Windows. Let us now see what options we have for doing this.

Way to Save all Outlook Contacts as vCard

In this blog, we have described three ways to save Outlook contacts as vCard. In the first method, a single contact file will be saved and in the second method you can save multiple contact files at once and the last method is the automated solution, with the help of which you can save multiple Outlook contacts in one VCF file. This automated solution is described in more detail below. Let us now see how we can save Outlook contacts as vCard using these methods.

Method 1: Save Single Outlook Contacts as VCF by Use of Save As Option

  1. Open the Microsoft Outlook navigation pane. To see all of your contacts, go to the People tab.
    click on the people tab
  2. Now, choose the contact you wish to convert to a vCard file format by clicking on it.
    choose contacts file
  3. Save As may be found by going to the File tab and then clicking on Save As.
    choose save as option
  4. A window will open, allowing you to go to the place where you wish to store the contacts. After choosing a location, input the file’s name and then choose vCard Files (.vcf) as the Save as type.
    choose file format
  5. Finally, click the Save button, and all of the contacts will save to that place separately.
    click on the save button

Method 2: Using the Forward to Save Multiple Outlook Contacts as vCards

  1. The Microsoft Outlook navigation window will appear. Go to the People tab to view all of your contacts.
    click on the people tab
  2. Select all of the contacts in MS Outlook at the same time, then click Forward Contact under the Home tab. Then choose As a Business Card from the drop-down menu.
    click home tab
  3. A new message will be shown. You can see that the vCard contacts are attached to that message. If you’ve picked a big number of contacts at once, save Outlook contacts as vCard files may take a while. Select All by right-clicking on the attachments. You’ve now picked all of the VCF contacts.
    right click
  4. Then press Ctrl + C to copy them, then Ctrl + V to paste them into the folder where you want them.
    select all contacts

Limitation of Manual Approach

Because the programme was not for design to shortcuts, to begin with, manual processes always have certain limitations. This procedure does not ensure that you will be able to preserve contact photos. Second, if you do not utilise Outlook, you will be unable to use this strategy. If your Outlook account isn’t operating properly, this solution is worthless. Furthermore, if you have a faulty outlook file on your computer, this procedure will not work for you.

Method 3: Automated Solution without Using any Email Application

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We’ve covered both manual and automatic methods to save Outlook contacts as vCard file formats in this post. These approaches may help you keep track of hundreds of contacts in a short amount of time. Any non-technical individual may use this approach to easily access their contacts on their local drive. As a vCard, the contacts may readily manage. Many programmes are compatible with this format. As a result, vCard contacts can save into any email application.

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