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Save Outlook Calendar as ICS – Export to iCal Format

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Save • 5 Min Read

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Tons of businesses have been trying to learn the steps to save Outlook calendar as ICS due to the different requirements that each business has.

These different requirements also demand different methods which can fulfill all of a user’s desires.

Most of the users prefer using a manual technique as it’s free but what they don’t understand is that these methods are not trustworthy.

When we received a query regarding the same, we researched and found out that most of the users are struggling with this task.

If we take a look at all the techniques, we will see that there are no safe methods to save Outlook calendar as iCal.

Every method has one or the other limitation which can create problems in a user’s working profile.

This is why we have created this guide which explains all the possible and new methods to state all the drawbacks of these techniques too.

It will give clarity to users about what drawbacks the manual methods bring along and which one is better to apply.

We will learn about the workarounds, but first, take a look at what an ICS file is.

Save Outlook Calendar as ICS – What is an ICS File, Though?

It is important to have the knowledge about what an ICS file is to make sure you can easily convert your data to it.

An ICS file is an extension for an iCalendar file. This file consists of all the items that are there in a calendar such as the beginning and ending dates of an event, the description, etc.

Also, there are reminders that you can set for a meeting. You will find all the dates in a simple plain text which various email clients & calendar programs use.

How to Save Outlook Calendar as iCal Files? Explanation of Manual Method

Manually, you can export your data in required file format with the help of Outlook built-in functionalities.

The following instructions should be followed to complete the conversion:

1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and click on the Calendar option at the bottom of your screen.

2. From the left pane in the My Calendars menu, choose the calendar that you want to export.

3. Then, choose the File option from the menu and hit the Save Calendar option.

4. After that, you can change the name of the file you save and hit the Save-as drop down menu.

5. To save Outlook calendar as ICS, click on the iCalendar Format from the list.

6. Here, click on More Options.

7. In the Save as dialogue box, you get to choose the Date-range and set the number of days or click the Whole Calendar option.

8. Hit OK to move further.

9. Next, open the Detail menu to provide all the details for your converted files. Availability Only will not include the subject in appointments but displays them as Bust, Free, Tentative, etc.

10. After making all the adjustments, hit OK.

11. Choose the destination to save Outlook calendar as iCal and press the Save button.

This will complete the conversion procedure for your calendar files.

Let’s point out the drawbacks here.

Drawbacks of Manual Method

  • This process is not considered safe.
  • It is a confusing process with complex steps when it comes to filter the data.
  • Performing a lot of steps can lead to a lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • Not suitable for every situation of a user with no technical knowledge.
  • Conversion in bulk can lead to errors and corrupt the files making them inaccessible.

What to do in such a situation?

Switch to Expert’s Recommendation to Save Outlook Calendar as ICS

This expert’s recommendation is none other than the 3Steps Software which is built with algorithms that provide a simple working guide.

Yes, the software is a technical method but it doesn’t make the process difficult for the non-techies.

There are no complex steps to perform the conversion using the software even while using different filters. It doesn’t make any changes to the data or the content stored in your files.

It provides absolutely accurate results without causing any errors or corrupting large files. Any user can work with the software to save Outlook calendar as iCal.

You do not have to install any other program or application to perform the conversion and can perform batch conversion in a quick manner.

It is also possible to preview the items you are adding in the software panel to ensure the right data is being converted.

Moving Towards the End

Various email clients & Calendar programs use ICS format to save or access Calendars. Sometimes, users have calendars saved in a different format which they might have stored as a backup but want to convert now.

How to save Outlook calendar as ICS is an example of this situation. You can use the method explained here to perform this operation but it can be a little complex for many users. So, to overcome the drawbacks of manual approach, we have brought here a professional’s favorite, i.e. the conversion tool.

By Shubham Dixit

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