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Manually Open OLM File on Mac Mail Using a Variety of Methods

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Open • 5 Min Read

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This post includes an excellent manual approach to open OLM file on Mac mail. So, if you’re seeking for a solution to the same, you may rely on us. We’ll describe how to launch OLM on Mac in the simplest terms possible while also providing you with entire procedures. So, with all of your consent, start working toward your ultimate goal.

The Question

I need to merge many OLM files into a single email client, which is Apple Mail. I’ve received many OLM files from various employees, and I need to consolidate their email databases into a single email client. I’m on a Mac, and I need to get those OLM files into Mac Mail. So, what’s the best way to open OLM files through mac Mail? Please notify me. Thanks

—Alex Richard

The Answer

The Most Effective Manual Method to Open OLM File on Mac Mail

Import Your OLM Files in Mac Using Gmail.

  • To begin, launch the Outlook application on your Mac.
  • Following that, on the menu bar, click the Import button.
    click import button
  • Now, click the Continue option and pick the type of Outlook file you wish to import.
    select outlook file click continue
  • Following that, locate the Outlook file you wish to import and click Import.
  • Once your OLM files have been imported, choose the Tools tab and then pick Accounts.
    select tools
  • Click the Add icon in the bottom left corner of Accounts and select Other Email.
  • After entering your Gmail credentials, click the Add Account button.
  • Finally, move the OLM data from your Outlook account to a Gmail folder.

Configuring an IMAP-enabled Gmail account.

  • Following the addition of a Gmail account in Outlook, you may begin establishing your Gmail account using IMAP in the Apple Mail app.
  • To begin, navigate to your Gmail account and click on Settings within Gmail’s settings, click on POP/IMAP Forwarding and ensure that IMAP is enabled.
    enable imap settings
  • Now, on your Mac computer, open Apple Mail.
  • Select Preferences from the Mail tab in the app’s navigation bar.
    select preference
  • Then, on the Accounts tab, click the plus sign in the lower left corner.
    click add button
  • Continue by selecting Other Mail Account.
    select mail account click continue to open olm file on mac mail
  • Enter the credentials for your Gmail account and click Continue.
    enter credentials click continue

Once finished, double-check the information you’ve provided and then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction. The final step is to copy the OLM data from your Gmail account to the Mail app.

This concludes the first way to open OLM file on Mac Mail. Apart from this, there is another technique available to you. However, we must inform you that this procedure necessitates first converting the OLM file to a Mac Mail-compatible file format.

Note: The OLM file is an email database file for Mac computers that is utilised by Microsoft Outlook. This file served as the software’s internal format for storing data like as Contacts, Messages, Emails, Notes, Tasks, Calendars, and other items. OLM files are solely utilised by Mac Outlook and cannot be viewed by Mac Mail. To access OLM file data in Mac Mail App, you must first convert the OLM file to an MBOX file, which you can then open in Mac Mail App.

Yes, you must bear in mind that converting OLM files to Mac mail compatible MBOX is a technical requirement that you must adhere to, and if you do not, it will be impossible for you to open OLM to Mac Mail.

So, now we provide to you the step-by-step procedure, which you must carefully examine because it is the first step in completing your assignment.

The Procedure for Opening OLM on Mac Mail Using Outlook and Mac Mail Features

  • In Mac Outlook 2016 or 2019, go to the Tools menu and choose Import.
  • Click Continue after selecting Outlook for Mac archive file (.olm) from the Import tab.
  • Locate the .olm file on your Mac and select Import.
  • Finally, imported items like as Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks, and Notes will appear in the On My Computer navigation windows.

This section explains how to use Mac Outlook to import OLM files. To continue, follow the instructions below.

  • To get started, drag one of your Outlook for Mac mailboxes to your desktop. This produces an .mbox file that contains all of your Outlook email data.
  • After you’ve imported your Outlook mailboxes, go to the File tab in the Mail software on your Mac.
  • After that, choose Import Mailboxes.
    click import mailboxes
  • Select ‘Files in mbox format’ from the options menu and click Continue.
    click files in mbox format
  • Finally, click Continue to import the selected mbox files into the Mail app after validating them.

So that wraps up our look at how to open OLM file on Mac mail. After reviewing all of these procedures, you may conclude that they are both lengthy and difficult. Because it is a manual, we must notify you that the procedure is complex.

However, if you want to accomplish your work as quickly as possible, you may use the 3Steps Software to access OLM in Mac Mail in only three steps. One of the advantages of this programme is that it allows you to pick from a variety of other formats. Yes, if it is more convenient for you, and you may convert OLM file to PDF, Apple Mail, and other formats using this method. So, if you find it useful, you should try it.

In Conclusion

We have explored two techniques to open OLM file on Mac Mail, which you can read about here. As a result, it is up to the users to determine the most appropriate strategy for completing this work. The first technique necessitates the usage of a Gmail account, while the second necessitates the conversion of the OLM to a Mac mail compatible format. Therefore, read them aloud and decide which one is most convenient for you.

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