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How to Kerio to Zimbra Migration with Complete Process ?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Migrate • 4 Min Read

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You will find the right solution here to migrate Kerio server to Zimbra. If you follow our given steps step by step then you will not have any problem. In this blog we are going to talk about Kerio to Zimbra migration, however, it will not be possible to move the Kerio account to Zimbra manually. For this, you have to go towards the automated solution. Many experts also recommend this software. After using this software, you will come to know what great software it is. Let’s read the user’s query before starting the blog.

User Query;

I’ve been looking for a method to migrate Kerio server to Zimbra Accounts for the last three days. I’m having a lot of problems with the Kerio Connect server, and I’m ready to switch to Zimbra.
Is there a Kerio to Zimbra Migration Tool that can assist me in importing data quickly?

Why Do Users Migrate Kerio to Zimbra Account

  • You’ll be able to use cloud computing services that your system-based account won’t allow you to use.
  • Your data will be more in your hands. As a consequence, you may access your account from any device by using a web browser and logging in with your Kerio account, and the data will be displayed in front of you.
  • You’ll be able to assess data while on the road, and you’ll be able to do so using your phone.
  • Users will be able to better control their data since it will be saved on a cloud server rather than a local device.
  • This account enables you to backup emails in case they are unintentionally deleted, allowing you to better preserve your data.

Comparison of Kerio Connect vs Zimbra Account

Kerio Connect is a business-oriented mail and groupware server that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. It comes with SSL-encrypted access, anti-virus and anti-spam protection, native over-the-air portable syncing, a webmail interface, a Microsoft Outlook connection, and groupware capabilities.
Think of Zimbra Collaboration Server is a next-generation Microsoft Exchange server that also serves as an email and calendar server. It offers file sharing, tasks, contacts, social networking, document management, and streamlined administrative controls in an award-winning webmail user experience designed with the latest AJAX web technologies, in addition to email and calendar. The server, which is hosted on commodity Linux and Mac server hardware, also enables mobility and syncs to desktop client apps.

Way of Kerio Server to Zimbra Migration

There is only one and the only method to perform Kerio to Zimbra migration which is the 3Steps Migrator tool. Using this software, you can migrate your Kerio account to different email clients. If you are thinking of doing this by manual method, then no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to because there is no manual solution made to migrate Kerio server to Zimbra without any problem. Let us now focus on some of the benefits of this software.

Special Benefits of Kerio to Zimbra Migration Tool

  • Multiple Kerio users’ mailboxes may migrate to Zimbra Desktop in bulk.
  • All objects, including emails, contacts, and calendars, were successfully migrated email from Kerio to Zimbra.
  • Kerio emails may export to all versions and editions of Zimbra Desktop and Zimbra Webmail.
  • All sorts of attachment files contain in emails, such as documents, picture files, text files, excel sheets, PDFs, Zip files, and so on, are support to the programme.
  • The Kerio to Zimbra Migration method does not need the installation of Zimbra since it is a stand-alone tool.
  • Users will be able to store the resulting TGZ files to their preferred place using this programme.
  • It will not alter the metadata or attributes of Zimbra emails in any way.
  • This programme does not need to sophisticate technical expertise and may use by even the most inexperienced user.
  • Users may contact our team of specialists 24 x 7 days a week through Live Chat, Email, or Phone assistance if they run into any issues during the transfer.
  • Only a subset of mailboxes may migrate using this tool. To do so, all you have to do is apply the filter settings.


As a consequence, although there are several alternatives accessible on the Internet, we propose that you stick with our Kerio to Zimbra migration for higher quality and accuracy.

As a consequence, this is one of the most well-known tools for improving conversion outcomes. You may contact our technical specialists for any more information or questions.

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