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How to Import VCF File to Outlook with Multiple Contacts – An Instant Approach

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Import • 4 Min Read

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How to import VCF to Outlook? If you are not getting the answer to this type of query, then do not be worried! You have landed at the correct place. Here, we are going to discuss a best approach that will help to import vCard file with multiple contacts into Outlook.

In this modern era, it is quite important for every user or organization to maintain a contact list properly. Nobody can afford the loss of contacts as it impacts the communication process in an improper way. But, maintaining multiple contacts becomes very difficult for users when they want to switch from one platform to another. Likewise, most users are facing issues while importing vCard contacts into Outlook. Thus, in the upcoming section, we are going to introduce a stepwise solution to import vCard file with multiple contacts into Outlook.


Why Do Users Need to Import vCard Contacts to Outlook PST?

 Let us consider the below scenario, which has been taken from the forum site.

“I have around 500 vCard files that I want to be exported into Outlook. However, Outlook provides an option to transfer single vCard (.vcf) file at once. Thus, it is not useful for me to import each and every vCard file simultaneously. That’s why I am posting this query. Can anyone provide me with a reliable solution to import multiple vCard contacts into Outlook 2016, and 2013? Thank you.”

How to Import VCF to Outlook Using Manual Solution ?

This procedure can be done manually also. For that, user have to follow the below – mentioned solution:

  1. First, user have to launch the MS Outlook on their operating system.
  2. Then, select Open & Export option and then, select Import and Export Wizard.

    open & export option for vcf to outlook import process

  3. Choose the option to import a .vCard file (.vcf) and after that click on the Next button.

    import vcf file

  4. Next, user have to browse the vCard file which you want to export. Select that file.

    browse destination

  5. After that, click on the next button to proceed further.
  6. Finally, the file will be saved to the desired location of the user.

What are the Drawbacks User Have to Face After Using this Solution ?

There are many limitations of using manual solution which can create issues for users. Some of them are mentioned here:

  1. By using this solution user can only import one contact at a time. It is not possible for the user to import multiple vcf files in one go. So, user who are looking for bulk importing vcf files, this approach is not suitable for them.
  2. This procedure will take a lot of time of users for VCF to Outlook Import Procedure. It will take both time and efforts of user.
  3. Not all the users will be able to understand the technicalities of this process like domestic users.

So, to avoid all these issues it is better to go with the technical solution mentioned below.

A Professional Approach to Import VCF File With Multiple Contacts to Outlook

Most people found the same query on the internet: “how to import multiple vCard contacts into Outlook”. As we all know, Outlook supports the vCard file format and imports only a single vCard file at a time. But this approach takes a lot of time to import multiple vCard contacts and there is no direct way to import vCard file with multiple contacts into Outlook. Here is a smart solution to this query that will help to import VCF to Outlook in bulk without any harm. Follow the given instructions to import all vCard contacts into your Outlook account :-

  • Download and install the 3steps Software on your desktop.
  • On the Home Screen, choose the Import option to start the migration process.
  • Then, click the Browse button to select the desired folder containing vCard (.vcf) files. Find the folder and click to open it.
  • Finally, you can successfully import vCard files into Outlook PST.

Time to Conclude

Most users search for a robust solution to import VCF to Outlook. Thus, in the above section, we have described a step-by-step process to import vCard file with multiple contacts into an Outlook. The users just have to follow each step very carefully to access vCard contacts in Outlook

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