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Import MBOX to Gmail – Information About Migration Techniques

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Import • 6 Min Read

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Many users around the globe are looking for ways to import MBOX to Gmail. It is easy to find solutions on the internet but if you are still searching, it means you’re either stuck or having problems with the methods you found.

Don’t worry, you’re probably doing everything right but the methods might not be as successful as one might think.

As soon as the manual word comes along, users start thinking that being manual, it must be free of cost and run towards the techniques.

However, what they don’t realize is that the manual method to import MBOX files into Gmail is quite complex even if it doesn’t cost a penny.

Therefore, this article consists of both manual as well as professional techniques that allow users to understand how they work.

The detailed instructions to work with the manual technique are given here if the non-techies try to perform the operation. Since this method has certain disadvantages as well, the alternative solution to overcome these demerits is also here.

Import MBOX to Gmail – First, Take a Look At the Methods for the Transfer

The methods involve the following steps:

The first technique requires you to go through three different stages for completing the operation.

Let’s take a look at them one-by-one in detail.

Phase 1 – Accessing IMAP in Gmail to Import MBOX Files into Gmail

Start by installing Thunderbird on your desktop, if you already have it, follow these steps:

1. First, you have to login to your Gmail account and click on the Settings gear.

2. Choose the See All Settings or Settings option from the drop-down menu.


3. Then, click on the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option in the new window that appears and hit the Enable IMAP radio button.


4. Hit Save Changes.


Phase 2 – Configuring Gmail Account in Thunderbird Desktop Application

1. To start the process to import MBOX to Gmail, open Thunderbird on your desktop and click on the Email option in the Choose What to Set Up section.


2. Provide the credentials for Gmail account in the asked fields in the new window. Hit Continue.


3. Choose the IMAP option and click on the Done button under the Available Configurations segment.


Wait for the account to configure completely and the synchronization to finish.

Once all that is done, you can skip to the next and the last phase of the import process.

Phase 3 – Import MBOX into Gmail Via ImportExportTools NG Add-on

For installing the ImportExportTools NG, implement the following instructions:

1. Click on the 3 horizontal lines to open a menu. Choose the Add-ons and Themes option from the list.


2. Search for the ImportExportTools in the Search bar and click on the Add to Thunderbird option when it appears.

3. Press the Add button to complete the installation.

After installing the tool, go through the listed steps:

1. Choose the Local Folders option and select ImportExportTools NG option from the extended list. Click on the Import MBOX file option from there.


2. To import MBOX files into Gmail, choose the Import directly one or more MBOX files radio button under the Choose the Import way segment in the Files MBOX Import Press the OK button.


3. Select the files you want to import. After choosing the files, click on the Add button.

4. Use the Drag & Drop method to move the data to Gmail accounts folders or labels as required.

5. Finally, you will find the files in your Gmail account.

The operation finally completed. However, there are a few limitations of the method that we would like to bring light to.

Demerits of the Manual Steps to Import MBOX to Gmail

Once you know the steps that you are going to use to perform a certain task, you should be aware of the limitations that it has. List given below shows the drawbacks of the above method:

  • Time-Consumption: The method being divided into 3 different stages becomes quite lengthy as it takes time to perform each stage carefully. It sure will migrate your files but leads to delay which lowers the productivity.
  • Unreliable Technique: This solution is also not a reliable one as users have had trouble when this method to import MBOX files into Gmail was used. A lot of users end up losing their crucial data due to the errors this method throws.
  • Doesn’t Meet All Requirements: Even though the technique accomplishes the need for moving the data, it doesn’t meet all requirements of a user. Users who want to filter their data cannot do so due to the lack of filters.
  • Complex for Non-Techies: Having technical knowledge can help certain users get over the technicalities but a novice user gets stuck in situations where things reach a higher level. Such users might face challenges when they import MBOX into Gmail using the manual method causing them to abort the task.

Is There Any Alternative to the Manual Method? Professionally Import the Files

Yes, the professional solution for the same operation is the 3Steps Software that you can execute instead of applying the manual steps.

All the aforementioned drawbacks will be overcome with the help of this software.

The problem of a time-sucking operation is gone when the software comes into the game.

It is highly reliable and is a recommendation by experts. Also, you can apply filters to import MBOX to Gmail from a selective period of time as well.

You can understand the working of the software easily as the interface of the tool is user-friendly and doesn’t involve any complex or lengthy steps.

This is a faster and more secure way of importing the files.

Finishing Lines

If you have MBOX files in your local storage and want to move these files to your Gmail account, here are the steps for it. For those users who want a manual and free method, you will find a detailed explanation to import MBOX to Gmail. Although, every manual method has a lot of limitations which are also here.

In case you do not want to go through the drawbacks or face the challenges of the manual method, you can use the software to import the files more securely & overcome all the demerits.

By Shubham Dixit

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