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How to Import EDB to Thunderbird Email Client Easily?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Import • 4 Min Read

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Have you ever wondered why Windows stooped their live mail alongside the vista launch? Well, there must be some reasons for that. Those who have ever used this application must be aware of the fact that it creates files in EDB format. Now many users ask about the way to import EDB to Thunderbird. These users must be trying to get their old files back to access the data stored in them.

To be straightforward, there is no direct solution to this query but it doesn’t mean it is not possible. There is a way by which we can easily get our desired results reliably. Before we start with the solution, below is a genuine user query mentioned. It can help us understand the actual scenario a user goes through.

Why Users want to Import Contacts .edb to Thunderbird

The answer to this question differs from user to user. However, we are going to look at a real user query to get a better comprehension in detail.

Hey, I’m Jose Wayne from Colorado, USA. I’m using Thunderbird email client for the official businesses communication. Previously I was using Windows Live Mail & now I still have some of its .edb files. It majorly includes contacts that I want to import into my Thunderbird. I tried to get a reliable solution but failed every time. If you can solve this query then it will be a huge help to me.

As we saw, this user is so disturbed & desperate to find the solution, there are many troubled users like him out there. To resolve the misery of many troubled users like him, we are here with a simplified solution that can give the desired results. 

Solution to Import EDB to Thunderbird Application – Part Ⅰ

As we mentioned above, there is no direct solution to this operation. To get our desired results, we need to first convert the files from EDB to any other file format say EML. For contacts, we need to convert files in vCard format. Now the question arises how? So 3Steps Software is the trust for millions of customers when they ever get stuck in such situations. If you ever feel like you’re getting into the operation, you can choose their software to convert .edb to the desired .eml, .mbox, or vCard file format. 

This utility is made in such a way that it can convert bulk files in .edb format to the .eml format without showing any errors. Once you successfully convert your files to EML, follow the steps mentioned in the next section to get these EML files in your Thunderbird email client.

Import Contacts .edb to Thunderbird – Part Ⅱ

Once you are done with the above steps. Let’s begin with the steps to import these converted files to the Thunderbird email client. Now if you want to import .eml files the process is very simple as listed below:

Step-1. Create a new Mailbox in Thunderbird that you’re going to use to accommodate your imported files.

Step-2. Go to the Folder where your files are stored currently, SImply Drag & Drop them into the newly created mailbox.

If you want to import contacts .edb to Thunderbird, execute these steps:

Step-1. Open Thunderbird >> Go to Address Book.

go to address book

Step-2. Now, Click on the Tool button >> Import button.

go to tools

Step-3. Select Address book >> Select vCard option.

select address book

select vCard

Step-4. At last, Click on the Finish button to complete the operation.

click finish to import EDB to Thunderbird

Wrap Up

Now that we are at the end of this article, we can say that we know how to import EDB to Thunderbird email client. As there is no direct solution available this above-mentioned method is the perfect match to get desired results. Also, the involvement of the modern approach makes it quite easy to execute the operation in a safe manner.

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