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How to Import Google Takeout to Gmail Account ? Manually Solution

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Import • 5 Min Read

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Because Google is everyone’s first pick, it provides a slew of popular services including Gmail and Google Apps. Google Takeout is the finest option utilised by consumers to download their data from their Google account in an offline mode among all of Google’s services. It’s a service that’s specifically built to preserve your vital data on a local workstation utilising Google Takeout. The extracted data is saved in a ZIP folder. After downloading data, most users attempt to import it into their Gmail accounts in order to have simple access to their Gmail accounts as well. The issue now is how to import Google Takeout to Gmail accounts. As a result, the manual method of importing Google archives to a new account and uploading Google Takeout contacts and calendars to Gmail to explain in this article.

Why Need to Import Google Takeout Files to Gmail

When a user wishes to download data from a Google application such as Gmail, Google Takeout is the first option that comes to mind. It is, as its name implies, a tool that is specifically intended to remove Google data. The greatest feature of Google Takeout is that it allows users to choose which things should export. As a result, a user may extract certain objects like emails, bookmarks, calendars, contacts, Google calendars, Youtube videos, and more. Download all of the chosen materials from the Google programme and save them in a ZIP folder that can store anywhere on the local PC, according to Google takeaway. Furthermore, Google Takeout is the finest option for offline access and migration of Google archives to the new account.

The Best Way of Google Takeout Files Import in Gmail

As Google Takeout is the most popular option for consumers to retrieve their Gmail data in a variety of ways. After extracting all the data that a user wants using Google Takeout in ZIP file form, a user may also want to import Google archive into a new account or import Google Takeout files to Gmail. Therefore, in this section, the manual ways to download data from a Gmail account and how one can import Google Takeout to Gmail accounts to discuss.

Phase 1: If you want to download and open Google takeout, then you can read by visiting our another blog, there we have told in detail how to download data from Google takeout.

Phase 2: Using Configure Gmail Account in Thunderbird

All of the data items have now to save in the zip folder at the given location. Furthermore, the data objects in this zip folder will preserve in their original format. The next step is to import Google Takeout to Gmail account after downloading the data using Google Takeout. So far, we’ve covered the manual procedure for transferring data items and importing Google Takeout to Gmail in this section.

MBOX format to use to store emails in the zip folder. As a result, a user may manually import a Google takeout resultant file into Gmail by following the procedures below:

  1. Open Thunderbird application in your windows machine
    open thunderbird app
  2. After that, click on the Tools button after pressing the “ALT” key on the keyboard to view additional options in Thunderbird.
    click tools option
  3. Thereafter, under the Drop-Down menu, choose Account Settings.
    account settings
  4. After that, choose Account action from the drop-down menu.
    account action
  5. Select the option to Create a Mail Account.
    add mail account
  6. Before selecting Continue, fill in your name, Gmail ID, password, and remember password option.
    After that, choose IMAP (remote folders) and click Done.
    click done button

Phase 3: Import Google Takeout Resultant Data from Gmail

  1. You must now install the ImportExportTools add-in or plug-in on Thunderbird in order to import Google takeout to Gmail.
  2. To import the Mailbox file into Thunderbird, navigate to the Local Folders area and right-click on it.
    click on the tools option
  3. Choose Import MBOX file, then Import directly one or more MBOX files, and then click OK.
    click ok button
  4. Select the MBOX file(s) and the location where you want to import the MBOX file(s) from the pop-up menu.
    choose mbox file

Method 2: Automated Solution of Import Google Takeout to Gmail

Installing 3Steps Importer Software is another simple and fast option to this procedure. You can bulk import Google takeout to Gmail without using Thunderbird utility. Another significant benefit of choosing is that Google takeout files’ on-disk folder structure to preserve. During the import process, it does not impose any file size restrictions on Google Takeout files.


Google provides a variety of valuable services to its consumers, including Google Takeout. It is a tool that lets users download Google data like email, contacts and calendars and use them offline. After that, everything is downloaded is saved in a zip folder on the local PC. Also, this is the biggest program to import Google archives to a new Gmail account. It allows users to import any Google data elements into Gmail. In this article, we have described how to import Google takeout to Gmail and how to manually import emails and contacts into Gmail so that users can use it easily.

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