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Get Here the Trusted Methods to Import EML to Outlook Account

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Import • 5 Min Read

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Users frequently encounter difficulties while attempting to import EML to Outlook account. The number of issues increases exponentially when the user does not follow the proper protocol. This article discusses every aspect of importing EML to Outlook. Additionally, we will discuss effective and reliable strategies for doing this activity.

Outlook data files are a well-known file type that is widely utilized by a significant number of users worldwide. The Outlook data file contains all of the user’s information, including emails, contacts, and calendars. It is used to store and import email messages from any sort of account. Due to this, users need to import their emails into Outlook account to get the advantages. Therefore, if you have a big number of EML files and wish to import from EML to Outlook for any reason, we’ve outlined the professionally tested and suggested approach below for all users.

Have a Look at the Methods to Import EML to Outlook Account

When it comes to manual procedures, there are two ways to manually import EML to Outlook.

Method 1: You can use the drag and drop option easily

Using the MS Outlook application, you can convert EML to Outlook in a matter of minutes. It’s as simple as dragging and dropping the EML files together. This is the proper way to go about it.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook on your PC and enter your email address.
  • Put your cursor on the directory that contains all of the EML files that have been saved. Make a selection of all EML files on your computer.
  • Drag & drop the EML files into an Outlook folder after they have been selected.
  • As a consequence of the drag-and-drop procedure, all EML files will now be accessible through Microsoft Outlook. You may now work directly in Outlook with the EML files that you have imported.

Method 2: With the help of Windows Live Mail application

  • Using Windows Live Mail, you can convert your EML files to Outlook account. You should make a backup of all of your vital data before following with the actions outlined below, as a precaution.
  • Open Microsoft Outlook & Windows Live Mail on your computer to receive email.
  • Following the start of Windows Live Mail, browse to the File menu and pick the Export email option from the drop-down menu. Select Email messages from the drop-down menu now.
  • In the Windows Live Mail Export Box, choose “Microsoft Exchange” as the convert format and then click Next to continue.
  • On the Export Messages pop-up window that appears, click OK.
  • Using the Selected Folders option, you can choose which specific email folders you want to export.
  • To begin the export process, click on the OK button. After that, click on the Finish button.

Please have a look at the limits of manual approaches before proceeding

  • For non-technical people, the manual method is quite challenging.
  • To perform manual process, you have to first install Outlook and Windows Live Mail on your machine.
  • Also, the manual process doesn’t support to import EML file attachments
  • The outcomes do not meet expectations.
  • This method is ineffective if users wish to import a huge number of EML files.
  • If you really need to import EML files into Outlook, this is a tedious and time-consuming operation.

After reviewing the constraints listed above, if the manual solution still suits your requirements, you may use it. However, if you have a huge number of EML files, you must use an expert application.

Introducing an advanced method for importing EML into Outlook account

3Steps Software is a one-stop tool for importing EML to Outlook without sacrificing data integrity. This application’s user interface is straightforward and intuitive, requiring little technical understanding on the part of the user. This utility enables you to transfer an unlimited number of EML files to an Outlook file in an effective manner. Throughout the migration process, the solution maintains the integrity of the data, the original email structure, and folder structure. This application is appropriate for non-technical users of all levels, professionals, and business users, among others. The product is well-known for its precision and trustworthy around the world.

The primary advantages of using an EML to Outlook Import Tool

  • The software is capable of immediately importing EML to Outlook without causing any data loss.
  • The best feature of the application is that it eliminates the 2GB file size restriction by creating a UNICODE Outlook file from EML files rather than an ANSI Outlook file.
  • The application is compatible with EML files created by all versions of Outlook, including 2019, 2013, and 2010.
  • The toolkit is a robust and trustworthy application that consistently produces 100 percent correct results with no mistakes.
  • The most remarkable feature of EML to Outlook Importer is that it completely supports the entire range of characters written in over 18 languages and imports them from EML to Outlook in their native format.
  • EML files can be readily imported and exported from Outlook, but only one at a time; to move many files, the best approach is to merge several EML files into a single Outlook document (default Outlook data file).
  • The tool is optimal for importing large amounts of EML to Outlook format. Additionally, the user may use the tool to open and read EML files.
  • The EML to Outlook tool is effective at preserving the original format of all attachments. While importing EML to Outlook attachments, email attachments are imported as well.

The verdict

The preceding article discusses the many techniques for importing EML to an Outlook account. If you already have EML files, you can use the manual technique. However, if you have a big number of EML files, please do not use it. To import huge files, you must use the recommended expert software.


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