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Export Outlook to Windows Live Mail – Best Way to Export PST in EML

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Export • 6 Min Read

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Many users are habitual of using Gmail, some prefer Outlook & a lot opt for the default Windows Mail application. There are plenty of queries out there on the internet where we see that users want to export Outlook to Windows Live Mail. Now, what does this mean? Here, we aren’t talking about exporting the Outlook application. It means exporting the files of Outlook to Windows Mail.

You must be curious about the reason why people find this task difficult. So, the reason is that both Outlook & Windows support different file formats. Outlook keeps all its files in PST format whereas Windows Mail uses EML format. Due to this limitation, users can not directly copy & paste Outlook files to the other email client. Hence, users around the world get confused about these technicalities.

To solve this trouble of users, this article is here that consists of the genuine solution to this issue. Moreover, we are going to share the open-source solution for users who are searching for a free solution. To get a better understanding of the topic, don’t miss out on any of the key points.

How Do I Export PST Files to Windows Live Mail?

Many users come up with this exact same query. Before we begin, it is crucial that we understand the root cause. We must know the reason why a user wants to undergo such a complex operation. After that, we can execute the entire operation with a better outlay in our minds.

  • When users undergo a change of environment, they need to export their files to a different format. For example, a user who has Outlook as default email client changes the job & the new environment relies on WLM. In that case, the user needs to undergo such an operation.
  • Another major reason is that .eml format is supported by various email clients & thus users find it an efficient solution to convert their files in EML format from PST files. Moreover, PST files are fragile & there is a high chance that they may get corrupted easily. 

Export Outlook to Windows Live Mail Manually 

The manual method for this operation is quite complex but is possible. Carefully follow the step-by-step guide to easily get your expected results. As this process is complex, users need to pay extra attention to avoid facing any errors.

For this operation, users need to download the Thunderbird email client which is an open-source application developed by Mozilla. Configure your Outlook account in Thunderbird & follow the below steps.

Step-1. Go to the Tools section in Thunderbird & select the Import/Export Add-on option.

Step-2. Now, in the Tools section Click on the Import button.

Step-3. Then in the prompt screen, Select the Items that you want to export.

Step-4. Now select Outlook & then Click on the Next button to proceed further.

Step-5. Once your message gets imported, you can see the list of imported items.

Step-6. Now, Select desired folder >> Click on Import/Export Tool >> Click on Export all messages in the folder.

Step-7. Select EML format & then >> Provide destination folder path >> Continue the same procedure with all required folders.

Step-8. Finally, Import these files from the Destination Folder to WLM using the Import feature in the setting section.

Limitation of Manual Method to Export Outlook to Windows Live Mail

The manual method does work well but there are many limitations that scare users to opt for it. All these severe limitations are mentioned below in detail.

  • It is quite slow to export files using the manual solution as it is outdated & works on old technology.
  • There is not any feature of bulk exportation of files in the manual approach. Users need to do it folder by folder.
  • Safety is a major concern where the manual method is doubtful. There are high chances of data loss & file corruption in this conventional approach.
  • New users without any technical knowledge can easily get confused. That is why they ask “how do I export PST files to Windows Live Mail”.
  • The manual method does not offer selective export operation resulting in unnecessary files being transferred to the destination.
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Know the Modern Approach for Executing a Safe Operation

Keeping in mind all the shortcomings of the manual approach, users are requested to have a better alternative. This is where the modern approach plays a crucial role in solving customer problems. The modern approach is using a dedicated utility that is designed with Advanced algorithms & AI. If you want to export Outlook to Windows Live Mail, it is the first solution IT experts would recommend.

Opt for 3Step Software to get an advanced utility comprising of all the latest tech updates for providing a hassle-free operation. The specialty of an advanced tool is that it offers a safe operation that users can trust with their crucial data files. It is much faster than the manual approach along with offering simplified GUI.

Features of the Automated Tool

Now it is time to understand what the automated approach really offers & how is it different from other solutions. There are numerous things that people take into consideration while they talk about the features of the automated approach. These features may vary from tool to tool. However, if you opt for 3Step Software, you can avail the maximum benefit. This solution can eliminate the user query how do I export PST files to Windows Live Mail with ease.

  • The automated tool can easily export password protected files with ease
  • This advanced tool is compatible with Windows Operating Systems 11, 10, 8, 7. 
  • Users do not need to install any of the applications like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.
  • IT supports bulk conversion of files from PST to different formats, in this case, EML.
  • This utility holds the capacity to export even the damaged files to desired file format.
  • There isn’t any limit to the file size that users can export. The tool allows exporting heavy files.


Now, we can say that this operation isn’t that difficult to perform as we know the solutions very well. For users who are on a shoestring, we explained the manual solution. For users who are interested in a safer solution, we have an automated solution. IT experts themselves recommend using the modern solution.

If you want to export Outlook to Windows Live Mail & you are opting for the manual solution, operate carefully. Going with the automated solution can make your work even easier & let you reduce your workload.

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