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How to Export Outlook to MBOX Files Format ? Free Solution

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Export • 7 Min Read

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If you want to export Outlook to MBOX files format then you have landed on the right blog page. Here we will tell you to export emails from Outlook to MBOX with the help of a manual solution. We have seen using this solution before, so we have told you this solution. Here in this blog, the topic we are going to cover is what is MBOX files format and why users would want to export Outlook emails in MBOX files format and in last we will talk about how to do it

User Query;

“I’ve been an Outlook user for a long time, and I use it to handle and organise my professional emails. At the same time, I’m utilising the Thunderbird programme for personal purposes. I also have to work from home sometimes, which makes accessing my Outlook emails difficult. As a result, I need to export Outlook to MBOX format. This will allow me to easily access my Outlook emails in my MBOX folder. Is there a tried-and-true method for exporting my Outlook email file to MBOX format?”

About MBOX Files Format

An MBOX file is an email mailbox maintained in a mail storage format that allows you to organise your emails into a single text file. It keeps messages in a concatenated format, which means that each message is saved after the previous one, beginning with the “From” header. MBOX files were first used by Unix hosts, but they are now supported by Apple Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird, among other email clients.

Reason Behind the Outlook Emails to MBOX Format

  • Microsoft Outlook is a paid application that comes with a 30-day trial period. Customers must then purchase the licenced version to access all features. It’s one of the main reasons why Outlook users are migrating to Thunderbird, a free and feature-rich alternative.
  • If the message size is too large, Outlook may crash, damaging and corrupting the PST files permanently. Outlook emails must be exported to MBOX since it is more dependable.
  • Microsoft Outlook, unlike other applications, is both huge and intricate. It is a comprehensive business organiser with projects, contacts, calendars, and a range of other capabilities, rather than just an email client. The majority of people do not need as many features to utilise their email account. They use simple mail clients that don’t need much training.

Way to Export Emails from Outlook to MBOX

We’ve found four ways for you to export Outlook to MBOX. The three solutions are manual and free, it won’t cost you a dime. And the last solution is our best solution in which you don’t even need to apply any external email

  • Using the Drag & Drop Solution
  • Using the GWMMO
  • Utilize Thunderbird Application for Export
  • Automated Solution for Expert Recommended

Method 1: Use Mac Outlook & Drag and Drop for Exporting

Phase 1: Export Outlook Emails to PST Files Format

  • Open the MS Outlook application
  • Now go to the “File” tab and choose “Open and Import”.
    open & Export
  • Then choose “ImportExportTools” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select an option from the drop-down menu to export a file, then click Next to proceed.
    export to file
  • Select the Personal Folder File (.PST) >> Next icon from the drop-down menu.
    outlook data file
  • Select the files or folders you’d want to export now.
    select folder
  • Finish the icon by providing the place where you wish to store the file.
    browse destination

Phase 2: Drag & Drop to Use of Mac Outlook

  • Open the Mac Outlook for Mac Machine
  • Then go to the File tab >> Import option.
  • To proceed, choose Personal Folder File (.PST) >> Next.
  • Next, choose Outlook for Windows Data File(.PST) from the drop-down menu.
  • After that, choose the PST file’s location and click the import button.
  • Your imported file will be stored in your Outlook folder at the end.
  • Drag the folder to your desktop now.

Congratulation! Now, your outlook emails files will be exported in MBOX Format.

Method 2: Use the Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook

Phase 1: Import Outlook Data Use by GWMMO Tool

  • Firstly, Download the GWMMO tools and install them in the windows OS system
  • After that, open the GWMMO tool and enter the Gmail ID and click on the continue
    open gwmmo
  • Thereafter, a new tab will be open in your web browser, choose your Gmail account to continue.
    enter gmail id
  • Then choose your .pst file folder to exported in Gmail Account and click on the Next button
    select gmail id
  • Lastly, filter the option for Contacts, Contacts, Email Messages, and hit the Migrate button
    select filter

Now, your data will be imported into Gmail Account, you can check your data in your Gmail account

Phase 2: Export Outlook Data into MBOX Use by Google Takeout

  • Open the Google Takeout in your browser
  • Second, decide which services you wish to export data from. By default, all data is selected, but by clicking the button above the individual checkboxes, you may deselect all or select all.
    choose data include option
  • By selecting the Next Step button at the bottom, you may choose the file type, frequency, and location for your data export.
    click on next option
  • Choose your preferred delivery method and export format.
    download method
  • You have the option of determining the maximum size of your data repository.
    file size
  • Finally, choose the Create Export option.
    create export
  • After that, within 5-7 working days, a download link will be sent to your email address, from which you may download your zip file.
    finish notification

Congratulation! Your Outlook Data files will be exported in MBOX format.

Method 3: Export Outlook to MBOX via Use of Thunderbird Application

  • To begin, put Default App Settings into your Windows system’s Search box and click on the first result.
  • The Default Applications list will be shown. Check to see whether Outlook is the default email client. If not, go to the default email account and choose Outlook from the drop-down menu. As a result, MS Outlook will become your primary email client.
  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird and go to the Tools menu on the left side of the screen. Choose Import from the list that appears.
  • From the dialogue box, choose the radio option next to ‘Mail’ and click Next.
    select mail option
  • Click Next >> Finish after selecting the Outlook radio choice. Open Default Apps Setting once again once all of the essential data has been imported into Thunderbird. Configure Thunderbird to be the system’s default email client.
    choose outlook
  • When you reopen Thunderbird, you’ll be able to see folders containing Outlook data. Choose a location for the file by going to Tools >> ImportExport Tools >> Export folder (.zip).
    export mbox folder
  • You’ll receive MBOX files if you extract the ZIP file.

Limitation of Manual Solution

  • When utilising manual methods to export Outlook to MBOX, there is a risk of data loss.
  • It’s a labour-intensive and time-consuming operation.
  • Outlook emails that are too big may not be able to be exported.
  • Additionally, the outlook file may get corrupted.
  • The user can only change a small quantity of data using manual approaches.
  • All the mentioned mail applications should be installed in your system to use this manual solution.
Method 4: Automated Solution of Export Outlook to MBOX

The best solution to export Outlook to MBOX is the 3Steps Outlook to MBOX Exporter solution. With its help, you can export any number of large email files at once. And it takes only a few minutes to do this and there is no need to install any email application in it. This tool can also export corrupted data from Outlook without any hassle.


In this blog, we have told four solutions to export Outlook to MBOX, if you follow the steps given by us, then you will be able to export your data without any hassle. Still, if you face any problem then you can take help from our support team. If you believe us, then an automatic solution is the best for this query.

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