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Instant Ways to Export Kerio Contacts to vCard Format on Windows

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Export • 4 Min Read

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Were you searching for a method to export Kerio contacts to vCard file format? Are you looking for the most efficient, secure, and consistent technique to complete this task? If that’s the case, you’ll find it right here. The purpose of this post is to clarify all of the details and present our user with the finest option available.

Because there are a variety of users who may have a variety of reasons or requirements for exporting Kerio contacts to vCard, we attempted to extract some of the most typical instances that the majority of users encounter.

Common reasons list to export Kerio contacts to vCard

  • In situations when you need to keep contacts, email addresses, and other very crucial personal contact information in an orderly manner, vCard files may be quite valuable.
  • vCard files are extremely simple to preserve and distribute to anyone. If you have hundreds of connections and want to share them all at the same time, this may be a challenging task. In this scenario, vCard files are useful since they allow you to store a large number of contacts and transfer them rapidly.
  • Do you even have another reason for exporting Kerio contacts to vCard? If so, you most likely do, as we previously stated, various users have a variety of issues to contend with.
  • What do you believe is the most challenging aspect of exporting Kerio contacts to vCard? However, if you trust us, you must believe that this is one of the most enjoyable activities and that you can simply complete it without meeting any difficulties.

Would you want to learn more about this solution that provides all the necessary features and a patch to accomplish the work easily? Therefore, be prepared to learn about the answer.

How to export contacts from Kerio to vCard?

Manual Method: If you’re contemplating manual steps, you’re wasting your time. There are no accessible manual procedures for exporting Kerio contacts to vCard format. This procedure requires the assistance of a specialist. Below, we’ll show you the most incredible program for accomplishing this work.

The most professional method to export Kerio contacts

3Steps Software is the tool you require to do the task. Let us explain why we chose this application: it is a trustworthy, effective, and all-in-one solution. This application is completely automated and requires only a few seconds of your time. This means you will not be spending an inordinate amount of time on this work.

Additionally, the program includes a straightforward graphical user interface. This app makes it simple for both technical and non-technical individuals to utilize this software. Additionally, the software is not restricted in terms of file size. You may quickly export an infinite number of Kerio contacts to the vCard format without losing any data. This software also has the ability to export Kerio to PDF, Gmail, and many more.

Consider Some of the Software Features

  • Simple to Use: These are the primary characteristics that each user desires in any application. As a result, the program offers all the simplicity necessary to ensure that you do not become stuck at any stage during the procedure. Therefore, choose for simplicity. Select this tool.
  • Kerio Batch Contacts Export: Do you have a large number of contacts in Kerio and envisage exporting them one at a time to individual vCard files? It’s insignificant. This app can immediately export a batch of contacts.
  • Kerio Contacts Preview: Because this software is a comprehensive solution, it not only exports Kerio contacts to vCard format, but also allows you to preview Kerio contacts.
  • Export to a different vCard version: Because vCard files come in a variety of formats like as 2.1, 3.0, and 4.0, you may export Kerio contacts using any of them.
  • Compatibility: This utility is compatible with any version of Windows, new or old. Therefore, if you have an older version, you need not be concerned since it is compatible with all of them.

The Final Words

We’ve discussed how to export Kerio contacts to vCard format in today’s post. Using the offered solutions, this work may be completed without difficulty. Therefore, utilise the software installed on your Windows system to complete this process.

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