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How to Export Apple Mail to PDF Format ? Fully Guidance

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Export • 4 Min Read

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Today we bring you the solution to a new query and that question is how to export Apple Mail to PDF. This question is bothering a lot of people and many questions have also been asked from our support team regarding this. So we thought let’s make a blog for everyone. In this blog, you will read today what is the importance of Abobe files format (PDF ) and why users should export emails as PDF only. And then, finally, we will read about what are the ways to export Apple Mail to PDF.

User Query;

I’m working with Mac mail and I’ve discovered that certain mailboxes might display the incorrect amount of messages. For example, a mailbox may have 200 messages, but Apple Mail only shows 150. Why isn’t my Mac mail displaying all of my messages at once? Please provide a dependable solution that will allow me to correctly read all of my emails.

Reason Behind the Why User Export Apple Mail Emails to PDF

Let’s take a look at the benefits of PDF files to see how they differ from Mac Mail. Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of PDF. Which will strengthen your intention to export Apple Mail to PDF:

  • A PDF document is a widely used standard document format.
  • During file sharing, a PDF document may be shared in a secure way.
  • The fact that PDF is cross-platform is a significant feature.
  • The Portable Document Format (PDF) is very useful for maintaining the layout across several devices.
  • As far as legal papers go, PDF files are recommended.
  • A PDF file may include photos, hyperlinks, and other non-text components.
  • Many users choose to store their emails in a document format, such as PDF, for the reasons described above.

The Best Way to Export Apple Mail Emails to PDF

There are three ways to export Apple Mail to PDF, first, go to that side if you want to export a single email file to Portable Document Format. In another way, if you want to export multiple email files, then go to it and at the end, you will find a solution, with the help of which you will be able for exporting your desired Apple Mail email file to Portable Document Format. And it also has many advanced features that you will know if you use it.

Method 1: Export Single Apple Mail Files into PDF

  1. Open the Apple Mail email application in your Mac Machine
  2. After that, select the emails which you want to export them
  3. Then click on the File tab and after that, choose the Print option and hit the Save as Option
    click print option
  4. Thereafter, on Apple Mail, go to the specified folder where users want to store their email message as a PDF document. Then, in the Save As text box, enter the name of the specified PDF and hit the Save button.
  5. Finally, the email message was successfully exported to a PDF document.

Method 2: Export Multiple Apple Mail files into PDF Format

  1. Open the Apple Mail email programme.
  2. Select the emails you wish to export as a PDF file (inbox, draughts, sent, trash, etc.).
  3. Go to the File tab >> Export PDF from the drop-down menu.
    export pdf option
  4. After that, choose your destination and click the Choose option.
  5. The file will be saved in a few seconds.

Limitation of Both Solution

To export Apple Mail to PDF format through the manual technique is a time-consuming operation. Users may successfully save a single or two Apple Mail emails to PDF using this manual technique. However, manual conversion of hundreds or thousands of Apple Mail emails into PDF is not the best option. When converting several Apple Mail emails to PDF format, causes a lot of problems. So, if you want to test another converting solution, first check it out with a free sample and see whether it solves your issue.

Method 3: Automated Solution of Apple Mail Emails Exporting in PDF

You’ll need to download 3Steps Software to bulk export Apple Mail to PDF. This app allows you to export mac machine emails to PDF files in bulk without losing any data. Working with the tool is quite simple; both technical and non-technical individuals may utilise it. To save or print Apple Mail emails to PDF, you’ll need to do a few steps.


Users may have trouble for export Apple Mail to PDF files in batch mode. As a result, we’ve supplied answers for consumers looking for information on how to export emails from Apple Mail to Adobe file format. We’ve described two approaches for you to choose from, depending on your needs.

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