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How to Convert OLM to MBOX Format without Losing Any Information?

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Convert • 4 Min Read

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Are you looking for a way to convert OLM to MBOX? If yes, then don’t, worry, here we will show you one of the best and free techniques to Convert OLM files into MBOX format with a complete guide.

Many users of Mac OS use Outlook for Mac to send and receive emails. and as we all know Outlook for Mac email clients create OLM files to store data like emails, calendar data, contact, tasks, and other data.

And Windows users mostly use the MBOX file format to store their data. because many email client supports MBOX file format.

However, there are specific situations in which users may choose to convert OLM to MBOX format. Examples include converting an OLM file into Apple Mail, switching from a Mac OS to a Windows operating system, and several more scenarios. The following types of user inquiries are discussed in further detail:

“Hello there, I use Outlook for Mac, and I spend a significant amount of money on my Outlook for Mac subscription. Nonetheless, I want to Convert Outlook for Mac to Apple Mail and convert all of my OLM data to MBOX format, since I have seen on the internet that Mac Mail supports the MBOX format. Could someone please provide me with a suitable way to convert OLM to MBOX format?”
“Currently, I’m seeking a means to convert OLM to Thunderbird. In this situation, I’m a bit perplexed. I have almost 5000 emails in my Mac Outlook account, and owing to a change in a workplace environment, I’m required to migrate to the Windows platform, where Thunderbird will serve as my email client. I’m not aware of any means for Converting an OLM file. Please let me know if you have a solution to this problem. Thank you.”

Free Method to Convert Emails from OLM to MBOX

This is the only manual method is available on the internet. which is easy and directly to Convert OLM to MBOX.

  1. Open Outlook for Mac on your Mac Machine.
  2. And select the mailbox that, you want to Convert.
  3. Now, drag and drop the folder on the desktop screen.

Lastly, you will get all mailbox emails into one MBOX file. Now you can easily Convert your MBOX file into any email client.

Direct Approach to Convert OLM to MBOX Format

To convert the OLM file to MBOX format, use the 3Steps software. The tool can simply and quickly convert all of the OLM data without any difficulty. This utility can convert an infinite number of OLM files at the same time. Additionally, the application offers a straightforward and basic interface that is suitable for both technical and non-technical users.

The application is compatible with all OLM files that have been converted from Outlook 2019, 2016, or 2011. Additionally, the tool is compatible with all Mac operating systems. During and after the procedure, the software retains all of the email’s constituent parts and properties.

More Information on OLM File and MBOX File

OLM is a file format that is utilized by Outlook on the Mac operating system. Those that use the Mac Outlook tool are most likely to utilize this format for saving things like notes, emails, contacts, diary entries, tasks, calendars, and so on.

But, owing to the ease with which MBOX files may be accessed, users may choose to Convert OLM to MBOX format from time to time. MBOX is a file type that is often used for email attachments and other similar items. Furthermore, this file type has a very simple user interface and is compatible with a variety of email providers.

Final Words

Many Mac Outlook users are reluctant to switch to another email client. Because they are concerned about data loss during the process. This procedure was made simple by the utility stated above, which also assures that no data loss occurs throughout the transfer process. This process can only be accomplished with the use of third-party software applications.

Users who are looking for information on how to convert OLM to MBOX format can find it here. Additionally, the processes for Converting the result file into Apple Mail and Thunderbird are covered in this post. During the process, the complete file structure and security are preserved.

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