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Instant Solution to Convert OLM to EML Format on Windows Machine

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Convert • 4 Min Read

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Do you have a large number of OLM files that you need to convert to EML? As we can see, converting email files from one location to another has become critical for consumers. They require to convert OLM to EML format for a range of personal and professional reasons.

Are you one of those users who requires such a conversion? Then what are you wasting your time on? Simply use the solutions listed below to complete your assignment in a few easy clicks.

To begin, let us review OLM and EML

The OLM file extension is used to refer to a file format for MAC Outlook emails. Additionally, the file format is fully compatible with every edition of Mac Outlook. As a result, users may transfer OLM emails by pressing the Export option in the MAC Outlook online interface.

The EML file extension is used to refer to an electronic mail format which stores email messages, fonts, HTML links, and attachments, among other things. Additionally, Microsoft invented the EML file format, however it is now mostly used for email message migration to webmail clients.

Why users require to convert OLM to EML format?

  • It implies that you will be unable to open an OLM format file in several frequently used email clients, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail and more, whether they are running on a Windows OS.
  • The.eml extension is extensively supported by operating systems such as Windows and Linux, among others.
  • It is possible to save email messages and other mailbox items in the.eml file format. These items include contacts, to-do lists, messages, notes, and journals, among other things.
  • However, EML is a file format that is generally accepted, and all of the email clients listed above are capable of supporting the EML file format. As a result, you may convert OLM to EML format in order to view OLM emails in them.

How to manually convert OLM to EML format?

There is no direct conversion mechanism for OLM files to EML files. The only way to convert OLM to EML is by drag-and-drop from Mac Outlook. This method successfully exports Mac Outlook emails to an EML file. This approach requires you to pick a single email and drag it to the desktop. This will result in the conversion of that email to the EML format.

Please note: Manually converting each email to EML format takes a long time. The downside of the manual technique is that it is inefficient for converting an OLM file straight to an EML file. You must first import OLM files into Mac Outlook and then proceed with the manual approach.

Take the help of 3Steps Software

It is the most incredible, consistent, and simplest method for converting OLM to EML format. This program has been created in such a way that it readily meets all of the user’s requirements. This app makes it simple to convert a single or a large number of OLM files to EML format. In addition, with this software, one can easily get the exact conversion without losing a single bit of information. Also, the software supports to convert OLM files into 25+ file savings including PDF.

Additionally, both technical and non-technical users will have no difficulty operating this software. Therefore, utilize the advised application and complete your assignment in a few simple actions.

The Final Words

The way to convert OLM to EML format is provided in the preceding tutorial. One may simply convert thousands of OLM files to EML using the recommended technique. Additionally, it enables users to convert OLM files together with all associated data.

Thus, whatever cause you need to convert OLM to EML, the aforementioned technique can assist you.

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