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How to Convert MSG to vCard File Format – Tested Solution

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Oct 3, 2023 • Convert • 5 Min Read

msg to vcard converter

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Overview: In this post, you will learn about the finest, most trustworthy, and most comprehensive solution, MSG to vCard Converter.

After doing a comprehensive study, we determined that a large number of users are looking for the most precise solution for converting MSG address book to vCard. Additionally, they wish to maintain all converted vCard contacts properly. This enables them to access their MS Outlook contacts from any device. However, a difficulty develops when they begin the conversion procedure.

As a result, we will present the best MSG contacts to vCard Converter to ensure the completion of the work without any difficulty.

But first, let’s take a look at both file types and why users have to execute such tasks.

Overview of MSG and vCard File Types

MSG files contain a single email data message. Within Microsoft Outlook, an MSG file extension is created. This file format was created expressly to store email information so that it may be readily converted from Microsoft Outlook through drag and drop. Additionally, users may exchange and receive attachments by saving e-mail sender and recipient email addresses, as well as other information.

Virtual Contact Files or VCF is a digital format for storing personal contact information. It is sometimes referred to as an electronic business card. Due to the fact that it consolidates contact information from several sources into a single file format. The vCard file may easily be used to store e-mail addresses and attachments.

Why Convert MSG Contacts MSG to vCard?

Take a look at the user queries below to understand the need:

Query 1: Hello, I have a huge number of MSG files that I need to convert to vCard format. Can you help me? However, I do not have Microsoft Outlook installed on my computer, I am unable to convert MSG into vCard using the manual approach described below. Please suggest me a well-designed MSG to vCard Converter that will allow me to complete this work quickly and simply.

Query 2: Hello, I have a number of MSG files that include a great deal of critical contact information. As a result, I’d want to transfer all of this contact information into my Android smartphone. I’d want to do this by converting my MSG contacts to vCard format. Is there anyone who knows how to convert MSG messages to a vCard file? Please assist me if you are aware of a solution.

When a person decides to perform this conversion, they have a variety of reasons for doing so. We’ll go over both the manual and professional approaches to doing this work in the sections below. Please have a look:

Manual Techniques to Convert MSG to vCard File Format

Users can manually accomplish the task of converting MSG contacts to vCard file format in two ways.

Way 1: Simply Save MSG Contact Files as vCard

  • Start Microsoft Outlook on your PC and select Contacts from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the MSG contact that you want to convert to vCard format from the drop-down menu.
  • Go to the File menu option, which is located just above the search bar.

msg to vCard converter

  • To start the MSG to vCard conversion procedure, select the Save As option from the File menu >> Select vCard as the Save As type for the MSG contacts.


Way 2: Convert MSG Files using the Business Card Option

  • Click on the option to forward contacts from the drop-down menu. After that, choose a business card.

choose a business card to export msg to vCard

  • You must provide the email address of a user with whom you desire to contact while converting MSG to vCard using this approach.

enter email address

  • After that, write an email to the above-mentioned address to notify them of your decision.
  • Use your email client to retrieve the attachments from the contact after the completion.
  • Then, save the files for Outlook MSG Contacts extraction as a vCard to your computer.

How Manual Method is Beneficial?

  • Completely free of cost to convert MSG address book to vCard.
  • A good method to convert some MSG contacts into vCard.

And What about the Shortcomings?

  • It requires a supportive application to perform the conversion.
  • Supports converting only a single MSG file at a time.
  • Lengthy as well as time-consuming process.
  • Doesn’t support the conversion of attachments.

MSG Contacts to vCard Converter – Full-Proof Solution

3Steps Software is here to overcome the limitations. With this software, you can convert unlimited MSG address book to vCard format at the same time. Furthermore, this app does not necessitate the installation of any supporting software. With this tool, you may convert MSG to vCard and retain all of the information and folder structure. We guarantee that this service will provide you with a precise conversion every time.

The Conclusion

In this post, we have provided the most effective methods for converting MSG contacts to vCard format. The MSG to vCard Converter that has been suggested is quite handy and highly recommended. Furthermore, you have the option of selecting the conversion method that best matches your needs.

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