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Free Methods to Convert MBOX to PST in Win & Mac System

Shubham Dixit   
Published: Feb 22, 2022 • Convert • 7 Min Read

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Are you looking for a free method to convert MBOX to PST in MAC or Windows? Then, don’t get hyper just calm down and take a long breath, and start reading our website blog.

MBOX is a generic file format for storing a collection of email messages in a database file. The end of the file is appended with new messages. MBOX files are used by several open-source email clients to store their mailboxes.

Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Power mail, and others are examples of these clients. These email clients may be used by the user to handle their email correspondence.

MS Outlook is the ideal choice for a business that wants an email client that offers more than just email communication.

MS Outlook may establish an endless number of accounts to set up various servers and offer them extra functionality such as contacts, calendars, appointments, journals, and so on.

However, to utilize Outlook, MBOX users must convert their files to the Outlook-compatible PST format.

Why do People choose MS Outlook for MBOX email clients?

It’s crucial to understand the advantages of PST over MBOX while starting the conversion:

PST can handle a variety of data formats
Because of its simplistic structure, MBOX is solely appropriate for email communications. Emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, notes, and other mailbox objects may all be stored in the PST format.

Format for advanced users
For methodically storing mailbox data, the PST format is quite advanced. However, the MBOX format is quite basic, and emails are saved in a text file in sequential order.

Exchange accounts are supported by Outlook
Microsoft Outlook is designed to operate with Exchange Server. As a result, it works with all versions of Exchange, including Exchange 2019, as well as all Office 365/Microsoft 365 subscriptions. You may also use MS Outlook in an offline mode.

Better security features and more control
Outlook gives users additional control over their emails and attachments, including anti-spam, password protection, and other sophisticated security features.

Frequently updated
Outlook and PST formats are updated regularly to keep up with changing communication needs. Because MBOX and its email clients are open-source, they are not updated regularly.

Export MBOX Files to PST/Outlook in a Simple Way

You must convert the MBOX file to a PST file before Converting MBOX to PST manually. You must follow these three easy procedures to convert MBOX to PST:

  • MBOX emails are saved as EML files.
  • To open the EML files in Outlook, just the drag & drop option.
  • Emails Exported to PST files.

Users may utilize Outlook’s Export option to save emails to PST files.

I know you are so desperate to Convert MBOX to PST format. So, what are you waiting for…

Emails from MBOX saved as EML files

In most MBOX email applications, the functionality to save emails as EML files will be accessible. Ford Thunderbird, we’ve demonstrated the procedure:

  1. Open the MBOX email on the user’s computer. Select New Folder from of the menu that appears when you right-click a folder.
  2. Type a name for the folder and then click Create Folder.
  3. Move all of the EML messages users wish to migrate to the newly formed folder.
  4. Most of the emails are now in the folder.
  5. Select all of the emails and choose Save As. It will store emails in EML format to whatever place the user chooses.

Converting MBOX file to PST format

Emails are Export to an External 

Another method is to export specific emails to an outer folder using an add-on. It allows users to export a huge number of emails from many folders at once.

  1. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and click the three horizontal lines button that says “Display the Thunderbird.”
  2. Then select get the add-on from the add-ons and search IimportExportTool Ng.
  3. Add ImportExportTool NG and click on add to thunderbird.
  4. Select the Install option in the Software Installation process.
  5. You can restart Thunderbird after successfully installing the add-on.
  6. After you’ve opened Thunderbird, right-click any folder to open it. Select ImportExport Tools NG>>Export all messages in the folder >>EML format from the ImportExport Tools NG menu.
  7. Choose a target folder for the EML file and store it there.

EML files Drag and Drop into MS Outlook

EML emails may be accessed by MS Outlook. You may import EML emails into Outlook in the following ways:

*Open the folder containing the EML files. All you have to do now is drag and drop most of the emails into any Outlook folder.

Emails to PST Files (Export Emails to PST Files

  1. To export all mails to a PST file, go to File > Open & Export > Import/Export.
  2. In the Import/Export wizard, select Export to just a file.
  3. Then Next Select Outlook Data File (.pst). Next should be selected.
  4. Next, navigate to the folder where EML files are kept.
  5. To complete the procedure, provide a location for the new PST file, select the preferred option, and click Finish.

Note: Now, you can also assign a password to the newly created PST file.

Finally, a new PST file is created at the desired location.

Free Method to Convert MBOX to PST in Mac or Windows 

Apple Mail is a popular email client that uses the MBOX format, however, converting MBOX to PST is a difficult task. The translation must be accomplished in the following stages:

Step 1: To use Apple Mail

  • Launch Apple Mail on your computer.
  • Import Mailboxes may be found under File >> Import Mailboxes.
  • Choose all of the files you wish to add to the MBOX. Continue by pressing the Enter key.
  • Navigate to the folder where you saved the MBOX file. To import all of the needed files, select them all and click Continue.
  • Click Done after the procedure is finished. Make sure, however, that the Import Part has most of the required files.

Step 2: Make use of Eudora

  • The MBOX file extension must be added. Rename the data file ‘Admin’ to ‘Admin.mbx,’ for example.
  • Place the renamed Admin.mbx file in the same directory as Eudora keeps its files. (Application DataQualcommEudora) (C:\Documents and Settings\Application\ Data\Qualcomm\Eudora).
  • Double-click the ‘Admin.mbx’ file in the Eudora mail client.

Step 3: Use Outlook Express 

  • Open Outlook Express and go to the Tools menu and choose File >> Import >> Documents.
  • Click Next after selecting Eudora first from drop-down option.
  • Click OK once you’ve navigated to the location where Admin.mbx was stored.
  • To finish the import process and ensure that the files were imported correctly, go to the following stages.

Step 4: Make use of Outlook

  • Start Outlook and select File from the File menu.
  • Click the Import option in the Import/Export wizard.
  • To import all of the material from Outlook Express to Outlook, follow the instructions below.
  • To begin, pick Import from another file or folder and then click Next.
  • Then, on the following screen, click Next and select Import Internet Mail and Addresses.
  • Then, choose Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, or Window Mail from the drop-down menu and click Next.
  • Finally, choose the DBX file to import into Outlook.
  • The problem with the foregoing procedure is that some of the email clients utilized are obsolete or no longer available.


Due to the sophisticated capabilities and settings included inside Outlook, many choose to migrate their current MBOX file to PST Outlook over MBOX-supported email clients. The blog contains thorough process explanations for free manual methods method to convert MBOX to PST. Such as EML drag/drop and multi-staged export of MBOX files using numerous email clients such as Apple Mail, Eudora, Outlook Express, and others. Traditional methods have intractable issues, thus a professional instrument is recommended for such best and quickest results.

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